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Everyone on the internet says Lichen Planus has no cure; then I found Dr. Rajesh Shah saying otherwise and I contacted Life Force. I am happy I did.

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Mrs. V. D., 34 years aged (Patient Identification Number - 13333) availed our online treatment from Chennai. 1.5 years back she had noticed her inner cheek appearing darker then usual and felt some burning pain while eating food. She preferred spicy, tangy food and did not take heed of the pain. She had been regularly suffering from cough and so visited the ENT specialist for a check up. Her doctor diagnosed it as severe Oral Lichen Planus. The inner cheeks were rough with white streaks. The tongue and upper buccal mucosa had black patches. The lesions were further triggered by the sudden demise of her father. Thereafter any minor emotional stress would increase her complaints.

She had also been working in a call center, doing night shifts for 4 years, previously, which could have been a triggering factor for the onset of the Lichen Planus.

Her appetite would reduce in times of stress. She craved for potatoes, spicy and sour food. She had milk intolerance. She would often feel dryness of mouth and require water. She would perspire excessively with odor. She could not tolerate extremes of temperature but she preferred cold to heat.

Her menses would be regular and painful. She would have terrible mood swings before getting her menses.

She had a cute 5 years old daughter. Her husband was working and she was a home maker. She is very much attached to her husband, daughter and her parents. She would always keep worrying about her parents as her husband’s job was transferable. She adored her father very much, though her father was strict and authoritative. She would feel protective about her mother.

The relationship with husband was cordial and friendly. Their's was a love marriage. The marriage was not accepted by her in laws. She had tried to adjust in all possible ways according to the in laws, but still they were dissatisfied and would often prejudice her husband against her. They had separated from her inlaw's after a few years of marriage, but the relations were intact. Her husband would take care of her mother in law.

She was understanding and supportive about her husband’s responsibility towards his family. There was the responsibility of her younger sister’s marriage. She would contribute in managing the finances of the home with her husband.

She was nursing the pain and resentment with anger given by her in laws. She was also grief stricken as her father had died after a brief illness. Later she found out that her father had not disclosed about his heart trouble as he did not want to burden her financially. He had in fact lent money to her to purchase a house. His doctors had advised him heart surgery, which would have cost a few millions of rupees. Instead of spending money on himself, he had helped his daughter to purchase a house.

She had been working before her daughter was born. After her daughter was born, she wanted to continue working, so that she would continue to contribute towards her family and her parents, however, her in-law's were non cooperative and she had very bad experiences with baby sitters. Finally, she had to quit the job. Her father's death and silent sacrifice fueled further anger and resentment towards her in-laws.

She preferred keeping silent when angry or else she might even hurt herself in extreme anger.

She had been misdiagnosed tuberculosis for her recurrent cough and taken conventional treatment for the same.

There was family history of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr. Shah prescribed Natrum Muraticum 200c along with few research based medicines after a detailed case analysis.

After 4 months of medication she reported on 19th July with considerable improvement. The spread had been stopped. The burning pain had significantly reduced.

She reported on 31st October 2011 for follow up. She absolutely had no recurrence of the oral Lichen Planus. She was totally cured. She could not continue the medicines as her husband was transferred to another country.

She was very happy and grateful to Dr. Shah and Life-Force team for curing her completely. She visited the center again on 31 December 2012. She had brought her son for treatment. She never had a recurrence of oral Lichen Planus.

Uploaded by DR. M.N.P. on 2 Jan 2013.

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