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Lichen Planus triggered by Mental Stress gets better with Homeopathy


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Mrs K.K. a forty-four-year-old, housewife (Patient Identification Number: 24459) started online treatment for Lichen Planus at Life Force Homeopathy on 29th December 2014. She stayed at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She had sent all the details of her history through the online portal. 

She had mentioned that she was suffering from lichen planus since April 2014. The eruptions were on feet and were of the size of a mustard seed but grew larger later. The eruptions were pink colored in the beginning which turned to red and finally turned dark brown. The eruptions had started from hands and gradually spread to legs and feet. There was severe itching in the affected parts of the body and it would increase on sun exposure and at night. There were hyper-pigmented dark brown spots of past eruptions on both legs along with the new lesions. The lichen planus had got better with medicines in past but had relapsed again. She attributed stress as a causative factor in triggering the relapse of lichen planus.  Currently, she was taking phototherapy along with homeopathic medicines. She had also taken allopathic medicines which she had stopped taking two months back. 

Occasionally she would experience left shoulder pain. In her history of past illness, she had mentioned that she was allergic to dust, synthetic clothes and climatic changes. 
In general history, she had an average appetite with a strong liking for fruits, salt and sweet. She was purely vegetarian. Her thirst was less. The tendency to sweat was also less. She was able to tolerate cold weather better than hot. She had not got her menses since last eight months. Her sleep was disturbed.

Details of life situation revealed that initially, she stayed in a nuclear family in Gurgaon with husband and two children. Later they shifted to Meerut to stay in joint family. Initially, she had to make lots of adjustments. This change caused immense stress for her, which had triggered lichen planus. Her current state of emotions was predominantly of sadness.
After studying these details, Dr Shah prescribed her with newly proved research-based medicines to be taken for two months.

After two months, she called at our clinic to give her feedback. She mentioned there was an overall improvement seen in her lichen planus. No new spots were observed on the body. The itching had slightly decreased. Accordingly, she was prescribed with the same medicines till next follow up.

She gave an online feedback after two months on 7th May 2015. There was fifty percent improvement in lichen planus. New spots had reduced in number and they were getting better. The darkness of spots had also lessened. The slight itching was present. She had observed some new boils in her genital area. She was taking phototherapy once in a week. Based on this feedback, she was prescribed Sepia 30c and Dr Shah’s research based medicines.

On 8th July 2015, Mrs K.K. reported seventy percent improvement in her lichen planus. There had been no new eruptions observed in last one month. The boils in her genital region were also better. She continued with the same prescription of last follow up.

On 26th July 2015, she reported that lichen planus had reduced by ninety percent. The eruptions on both hands and legs had got better. The itching was negligible. Dr Shah prescribed his research-based medicines for her.

In next feedback on 4th November 2015, she reported that there was further improvement of ninety-five percent. There was no trace of itching present. No new eruptions were reported. There was predominantly only the hyper-pigmentation and after marks of the old lesions present.

She continued treatment at Life Force for long-term recovery and to tackle the hyperpigmentation left behind by the old healed spots. The above case study highlights the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of autoimmune diseases like lichen planus, that are triggered by mental stress. This case highlights how one can expect gradual improvement in Lichen planus. There may be new eruptions that come up even a few months after treatment. However, the new eruptions last for a shorter duration, are smaller and the time period between two episodes of relapse gradually increases. Slowly and steadily one can expect significant long-lasting recovery, even in difficult cases like lichen planus.
(Case Study prepared by Dr Mrudula Joshi)

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