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47 year old lady had undergone dilatation and curettage and thereafter she had started experiencing bloating and burning sensation in the right upper abdomen




Viral Load

Original Reports

Before treatment (September 2006)

7,64,200 IU/ml

After treatment (Jan 2008)

11,400 IU/ml

47 year old lady, Mrs. U. A. (Patient reference number: 10790) signed up for online treatment of Hepatitis C which had been diagnosed since 4 years. In the year 2002, she had undergone Dilatation and curettage and thereafter she had started experiencing some bloating of the abdomen and burning sensation in the right upper abdomen. Her bloated sensation would be much better if she would be able to pass flatus. She also complained of some depressive mood during the afternoon hours and at such times she would get lot of negative thoughts about life and about her survival. After suffering from these symptoms for some time, she went in for a check up and during the investigations that followed, she was found to be Hepatitis C positive.

She also had some complaints of hot flushes since she was peri-menopausal. She would occasionally develop headaches for which she would require painkiller medication.

She had a normal appetite with increased hunger at times. She was very fond of sweets and meat. Her water intake was average. She could not tolerate much heat and would sweat more while sleeping.

She was a housewife and she stayed with her husband and 2 children. She remarked that she had a great linking for colors and would get a good feeling with strong colors. She was anxious due to the fact that her sexual relation with her husband were painful and she feared that he would start taking interest in some other lady due to this. However, she would feel good when her husband would comfort her and assure her. She described herself as short tempered and would lose her patience easily. She said that she would not be able to tolerate darkness in the house and would always prefer her house to be lit up.

In the past she had suffered from Typhoid and paratyphoid as a child and would be chronically constipated. She had also suffered from spells of depression for 3-4 years after the sudden death of her brother followed by the death of her mother.

In her family, Ischemic heart disease (IHD) was very prominent; her mother, father and 2 brothers had ischemic heart disease. One of her brothers had got a pituitary tumor successfully operated.

Her investigations before treatment have been summarized below:

HCV RNA : 7,64,200 IU/ml

Blood sugar (Fasting): 79mg/dl
S. Cholesterol : 197 mg/dl
Total bilirubin : 0.61 mg/dl
Direct bilirubin : 0.28 mg/dl
Indirect bilirubin : 0.33 mg/dl
SGOT : 66 IU/L
SGPT : 70 IU/L
Gamma GT : 18 IU/L
Alkaline phosphatase : 97 IU/L

Anti-HCV : Reactive

HCV Genotype : 3A

Based on the above history, he was prescribed the medicine for Hepatitis C. Within about 15 months of starting the treatment, her viral load was checked again and it was found to be 11,400 IU/ml as compared to a load of 7,64,200 IU/ml at the start of treatment. She was very glad about this early and good improvement and was equally positive to go ahead with the treatment to experience better results. She was informed that the treatment would be long-term in nature since these kinds of complaints tend to run a chronic course.

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