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Drastic Improvement in Arthritis and Frequent Colds With Homeopathy Within 1 Year



Thirty-three years old, Mrs. K.K. (PIN 21191) visited Life Force on 6th June 2013 for the treatment of Arthritis and Frequent Colds. She was introduced by her husband, who was an existing patient of Life Force for the treatment of laryngitis.

She presented with the complaint of pain in inter-phalangeal joints of hands, metatarsal joints of feet for the last two years, and the heels as well. She experienced generalized body ache, swelling, and stiffness of joints in the morning. She suffered from pains constantly every day. Her complaints were aggravated in the morning, and upon walking, standing, and with the slightest exertion.

Her thyroid profile and complete blood count reports were normal. She would take painkillers on and off for her pain which would give her only temporary relief.

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She was also suffering from frequent colds for the last ten years. She had symptoms of frequent sneezing, runny nose, and lachrymation almost daily with severe intensity.

Her complaints were aggravated in the morning and with cold food and dust. She used to take allopathic medicines on and off for the same. Along with that, she also had complaints of constipation, hair fall, and acidity. She was suffering from hypertension for one year which was under control with anti-hypertensive medications.

She was obese. Her appetite was average. She used to follow a mixed diet. She liked spicy food and disliked sweets. Her thirst was normal. She would have profuse perspiration on the face and forehead. She was sensitive to the hot climate. Her urination and sleep patterns were normal. She had undergone a surgery for the uterus removal before six months, due to fibroid in the uterus. She would get dreams of running here and there to save herself from someone.

She was a homemaker. Her husband owned an embroidery workshop. They had 2 kids, a son studying in class 8th and a daughter studying in kindergarten. They were residing in a joint family. She was a very mild, gentle, and sober woman. She would be always smiling and calm. She would mix easily with everyone.

She had suffered from malaria in the past. Her father had hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Her mother and paternal grandmother suffered from diabetes mellitus.

Her case was studied and analyzed by Dr. Shah in detail and he prescribed her research-based medicine for arthritis along with her constitutional medicine.

Within 4 months of the treatment, she reported to Life Force on 10th October 2013 that her Arthritis complaints were 70% better. Her joint pains, stiffness, generalized body ache and heel pain were under control. Her complaints of Frequent Colds also improved by 60%. Her severity and intensity of the sneezing episodes also greatly reduced, which was 5-6 at once. Her acidity, hair fall, and constipation complaints were also considerably better.

With subsequent follow-ups, she was further getting better. She visited Life Force on 8th August 2014 and reported that with one year of the treatment, she had achieved around 90% improvement in her Arthritis complaints and her 80% improvement in Frequent Colds. She had not experienced any episode of Colds in the past 6 months. Her acidity, constipation and hair fall complaints were remarkably better.

She is continuing the medicines for the further management of her condition. She was extremely glad about the improvement she achieved and was happy to share her experience through a video testimonial.


This case highlights the efficacy of homeopathic medicines to bring improvement in the complaints of joint pains. Homeopathy helps to decrease the inflammation in joints, thereby improving pain, stiffness, swelling, and increasing the range of motion.

(Written by Dr. K.M, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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