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2.5-Years-Old Kid From USA Got Complete Relief From Atopic Dermatitis & Childhood Asthma



Two and a half years old Mr. DK (PIN LF 14990) visited Life Force in June 2008 along with his parents for the treatment of Atopic dermatitis.

He started developing eruptions on his thighs, lower legs, groins, knees, elbows, and abdomen since he was 2 months old. He would develop reddish eruption in patches with the dryness of skin. He used to experience intense itching and scratched the affected areas continuously. The itching and eruptions would aggravate at night and during the winter season. He was allergic to nuts, eggs, and almonds, as after having them his eruptions used to get aggravated. He was on the conventional medicines and was given local steroids and anti-allergic treatment. His dermatitis would get extensive, especially during the winters. There was no complete remission of atopic dermatitis since it had started, even though he was on the conventional treatment.

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He had associated complaints of frequent colds. He would suffer from running nose, sneezing, and cough once in 15 days and that would last for 8-10 days. His colds would get aggravated in the winter season. 

His mother had gestational diabetes.  

He was tall and thin. He had an average appetite. He would like to eat sweets and had an aversion to consuming vegetables. He was extremely sensitive to the cold weather and winter season. He had a habit of talking during the sleep and would make hand gestures while asleep. He used to get dreams of sports car and racing.

His father was an engineer and had his own business. His mother was an architect. His elder sister was 6 years old. The family used to stay in the USA.

He was very active and playful. He used to mix with others very easily. He would get cranky when he was not given the things he asked for. He did not like to share his things with other kids. According to his mother, he did not like to be alone. Someone should accompany him always. 

After analyzing all the case details, Dr. Shah has prescribed research-based medicines for the patient. 

In October 2008, the patient’s mother gave feedback. After starting the medicines, the patient was in India for 2-3 months, and during this period he was almost 80%-85% better than earlier. But, when he went back to the USA, due to extreme dry winters there his atopic dermatitis got aggravated. He developed eruptions all over his body with intense itching. There was oozing of watery discharge from the eruptions this time. Dr. Shah analyzed the symptoms and upgraded the prescription.

In April 2009, the patient’s mother reported around 80% improvement in his Atopic Dermatitis. Even during the extreme winters from December 2008 to March 2009, his eruptions and itching were under control. His itching had stopped completely, but in April 2009, due to the change in weather, there was a slight aggravation. He developed eruptions on his legs, behind the knees, and on the wrists. But, the intensity of the complaints was mild this time. His mother also reported that he was complaining itching in eyes. After analyzing the follow-up, Dr. Shah prescribed the further medicines.

In September 2009, the patient reported further improvement in his atopic dermatitis. But, the patient’s mother reported that he was suffering from asthma since May 2009. He had suffered from two major episodes in 3-4 months. The triggering factors for his acute episodes were the change of weather, exposure to pollens, dust, trees, grass, nuts, eggs etc. His acute episode would start with the running nose and frequent sneezing. He would develop a barking cough, difficulty in breathing, and stuffy nose after that. He would feel tired. For each episode, his mother would give him the conventional medicines and nebulization. After taking into consideration the new complaint, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines for both atopic dermatitis and asthma as well. 

The patient responded very well to the treatment. His parents were happy with the treatment.

After 7 years in June 2016, the patient visited Life Force for his complaints of gastritis. Mother of the patient reported that, after taking the treatment for one year at Life Force, his atopic dermatitis got cured completely. The patient didn’t suffer from an episode of eruptions in the last 9 years. His complaint of asthma was also better as there was no acute episode of asthma during the last 9 years. The intensity of the allergy also got reduced drastically during these years. 


This case highlights that homeopathic medicines when taken under the guidance of an expert not only reduce the intensity and frequency of the complaints but also treat the disease from its root and boost the immune system of the person. 

- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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