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Case-6: 24 years old Pilot got completely recovered from chronic constipation and piles

24 years old Mr. DVD (patient identification number LFMPL 21926) visited Life Force Homeopathy in July 2013 for his complaints of chronic constipation  and piles .

He was suffering with constipation for about 4-5 years before visiting Life Force. As he was a pilot by profession he had to sit for long time during his working hours. The outcome of the long standing constipation  and sedentary lifestyle was piles . He was suffering with piles for 2-3 years. He used to get constipation 2-3 times in a week and after the episode of constipation his piles would aggravate.

He used to bleed before, during and after passing motions. He would get burning sensation in anus after passing stools. His complaints would aggravate after eating spicy food and during summer season. He tried taking Isabgol and applied some ointment locally, which gave him temporary relief in his complaints. He used to get hard and unsatisfactory stools and would strain before passing stools. He would experience protrusion of piles whenever he strained while passing stools. 

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He had associated complaints of sinusitis  and nasal polyps for which he got operated few days before visiting Life Force, so he was not experiencing any symptoms of sinusitis. Earlier he used to get frequent episodes of cold and headache. 3 years back he got operated for multiple gall stones. 

His mother had underactive thyroid  and his maternal grandfather was suffering with hypertension .

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He would prefer both veg and non veg diet and his appetite was average. He had aversion to fish. He was sensitive to hot weather. 

He was pilot by profession and completed his training and was about to join his posting in UAE. His father was a finance manager in a shipping company and his mother was a homemaker. His younger brother was pursuing education for CA.

He was very timid and reserved kind of a guy and preferred to speak very less. He would take time to mix with people. He was very calm and composed by nature and never expressed his emotions easily.

After analyzing the case in detail Dr.Shah prescribed constitutional medicine i.e. Calcaria Carb along with his research based medicines for the patient. 

Patient reported in September 2013 for his first follow up. He experienced relief in his constipation and bleeding piles. He reported around 20% relief in his complaints. Burning pain after passing motions was also reduced. Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines after considering the follow up.

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In April 2014 patient reported significant recovery from both chronic constipation and piles as well. He reported around seventy five percent improvement. He mentioned that he rarely gets hard stool now. He didn’t experience any acute episode of bleeding. Occasionally he would experience burning sensation in anus after passing stools. After going though the follow up Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines for him.

Patient reported in August 2014 for follow up. He was further better in terms of constipation and piles. He continued the medicines prescribed by Dr.Shah. 

Patient came for follow up in November 2015 and reported complete relief in both constipation and piles. He motion was clear, well formed and satisfactory. No any blood or mucus in the stools. There was no bleeding before during or after passing stools. There was no protrusion of any mass while passing stools. Patient started treatment for his recurrent sinusitis and recurrent nasal polyp as well. Dr. Shah analyzed the follow up and prescribed medicine. 

In June 2016 patient visited for follow up. Patient was very happy as he was free from his chronic constipation and hence from piles as well. He motion was satisfactory. There was no bleeding before during or after passing stools. Patient is still taking treatment with Life Force for his frequent sinusitis and recurrent nasal polyp.

Homeopathy  is a science which believes in treating disease from its root.   So in present case the root cause for the piles that is chronic constipation is treated very well so as to treat the condition of piles. Homeopathic medicines prescribed in this case improved the digestion of the patient in order to correct the chronic constipation.

-Dr. Aparna, Life Force Homeopathy

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