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Fort four year old female Mrs. RC (Patient identification number 27605) visited Life Force homeopathy in January 2016 for the treatment of Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Urticaria.

Her complaint of psoriasis started 17-18 years back, affecting her palms, soles, legs, area behind ears, bilateral elbows and scalp. She used to get intense itching along with lots of flakes, dryness and burning of the affected area. She used to get deep cracks and roughness on her palms and soles which would bleed during winter season. Cracks would pain and itch. Her complaints increased early morning and got worse during winter season. Till 2004 she was on conventional treatment on and off without any significant relief. 2004-2008 her psoriasis was in phase of remission without any visible symptoms. Again in 2008 there was relapse of psoriasis. She was on conventional treatment during that period. She tried Homeopathic treatment from local homeopath without any significant relief. 

She developed psoriatic arthritis in 2008. She would experience pain and tenderness in toes of left foot, left side of jaw and fingers. There was no active swelling or deformity of the affected joints.
Mrs. RC was also suffering with Urticaria for last ten years. She used to get red circular hives of variable size and shape all her body almost once in a week. Once the hives used to appear used to remain for 1-2 hours. Her Urticaria would increase on every change of weather and used to be worse during cold weather. She never took any treatment for Urticaria. Her serum Ig E level was too high (4090 IU).

She was known case of Under-active thyroid for almost five years and was on thyroid supplement Tab. Thyroxine 50 mcg daily. With this her thyroid hormone levels were under control.
She had family history of psoriasis, her maternal grand mother suffered with it. Her father had hypertension and mother was diabetic.

She would prefer both veg and non veg diet. She would like to eat spicy and sweet food. She used to drink very less water. She used to get profuse perspiration especially on her forehead. She was extremely sensitive to cold weather.

Mrs. RC was homemaker and used to stay along with her husband and 15 years old son. She was very emotional and sensitive. She would get hurt very easily and would weep very easily.

With all the above details Dr.Shah has analyzed the case and prescribed two different set of medicines for the patient. For psoriasis he prescribed Sepia 30, petroleum 30 and his research based medicines. For Uricaria he prescribed Staphysagria 30, pulsatilla 30 and his research based urticaria molecules. 

In March 2016 patient visited for follow up and reported, around sixty percent improvement in her psoriasis. Her old eruptions showed remarkable improvement and she didn’t experience any new eruptions during the 2 months of treatment. She mentioned that her itching, scaling and dryness was significantly less since she visited first time. Painful deep cracks on her palms and soles were improving with the medicines. She was happy as her psoriatic arthritis was better by almost seventy five percent. Based on the follow up Dr.Shah prescribed medicines for her.

Regarding her urticaria she reported seventy percent improvement in frequency, intensity and duration of episodes. She would get 2-3 episodes in a month but intensity used to be very mild and it would remain for half an hour. After going through the follow up Dr.Shah has prescribed the further medicines.

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In June 2016 patient came for follow up. This time she came with mild aggravation in both the complaints. She mentioned regarding her psoriasis that there is mild increase in eruptions on palms and soles where as the there was no change in eruptions on other body parts. She reported mild increase in her itching all over the eruptions with flaking. She also experienced increase in flakes over her scalp. Her psoriatic arthritis improved further this time. Dr.Shah upgraded the prescriptions after considering the aggravation in the psoriasis.

Mrs RC reported aggravation in Urticaria as well. She would get hives every day with severe itching and which would last for 3-4 hours. The intensity was also high this time. Patient was little worried due to increase in her complaints. After going through the details Dr.Shah changed the prescription.

After 6 weeks of medicines patient came for follow up in August 2016.

This time she was very happy with the improvement achieved. There was around ninety percent improvement in her psoriasis. Her palmo plantar psoriasis showed significant improvement this time. She mentioned that there was only roughness left in her palms and soles. She was almost free from deep painful cracks and bleeding from it. There was no itching, scaling or active eruption on other body parts. Her Psoriatic Arthritis was completely better. 

Her Urticaria showed around eighty percent improvement. She experienced 2-3 episodes during 6 weeks with very mild intensity for half an hour. There was no significant itching. Patient was satisfied with the way she improved over a period of 8-9 month of treatment. She is still continuing the medicines for complete recovery from both Psoriasis and Urticaria.

Above case highlights that the management of two different diseases with different pathology needs different sets of medicines. Though both the diseases in above case were long standing, when patient was given two sets of medicines for Urticaria and Psoriasis, she responded very well within short span of time. Dr.Shah’s modern and scientific way of practicing homeopathy not only treats the disease but also improves the quality of the life of the patient.

-Dr. aparna, Life Force Homeopathy

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