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Effective homeopathic treatment for urinary bladder prolapse

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Here’s a case study that beautifully depicts the efficacy and promptness of Homeopathic medicines in treating Urinary Bladder Prolapse, a condition which occurs due to over stretching & weakening of the muscles.

Mrs. V G (Patient Identification Number - 28180), age forty three years, visited Life Force, Chembur branch on 7th of March, 2016 with multiple complaints. Her chief complaint was incontinence of urine which developed post hysterectomy (after removal of her womb) three years ago. She complained of stress incontinence, i.e. She would pass drops of urine involuntarily on coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc. She had a very poor control on her bladder. Also, the urine frequency was high. There was no burning pain associated with urination. She did not undergo any tests for prolapse, but it was diagnosed as Grade I Bladder Prolapse through a physical examination by her gynecologist. She was severely obese too, weighing 106.7kgs which contributed to the bladder prolapse. She was not on any medication nor advised any pelvic floor exercises. 

Associated complaint: Along with the urinary incontinence, she also complained of backache, continuous pain in the lumbar region since her hysterectomy. 

From these chief complaints, she was a known case of Diabetes Mellitus , Hypertension  and Grade I Fatty Liver , under control with conventional medicines. 

Family History:
There was a strong family history of Hypertension , with both her parents suffering from the disease. Her father had Diabetes Mellitus  as well.

Past History:
She was diagnosed of Uterine Fibroid  for which she underwent hysterectomy three years ago.

Physical Generals:

She had an average appetite with a mixed diet. She had a specific liking for milk and green leafy vegetables. Her thirst for water was very less, less than a liter per day. She had an average and generalized perspiration, with an intolerance to hot. Her bowels were not regular and she would have frequent constipation. Physical built up was fair, flabby and stout. She had a disturbed sleep and she would wake up frightened quite frequently. She usually had frightful dreams, especially of ghosts, snakes, of falling, etc

About Self:
Her family consisted of 4 members. She was a home maker and her husband had a garment business. She had two sons, younger one was sixteen and the elder son was twenty years old. 

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Mrs. V G was an emotionally sensitive person. She would get hurt easily.  There had been significant family stress. Her mother blackmailed her for money as her brother did not support mother financially. She feared quarrels and was intolerant of injustice. She was fastidious by nature and would get irritated if things were not kept in their place. 

Dr Shah analyzed her case thoroughly. We decided to focus mainly on her Urinary Incontinence as rest of the complaints was managed well by conventional medicines. She was prescribed Causticum 30C and three powder doses of Sepia 30C for six weeks. She was advised to increase her water intake and work out regularly as Obesity was a major concern.

Her first follow up was on 18th April 2016. She was better by 50% in the complaints. She was repeated the same set of medicines for another six weeks.

She came next on 30th May 2016. There was a gap in the medication as patient had gone to her native place. Although her urine symptoms were better, the backache had aggravated due to the traveling and physical stress. Dr Shah upgraded the prescription and asked her to visit after six weeks.
Her latest visit was on 26th of July, 2016. Again, this time, she did not take medicines for 1 month as she was tied up due to some personal commitments. In spite of being so irregular in medicines, she was better by 70%. Although the frequency of urination was unchanged, the involuntary urination, intermittent pain while passing urine, the pain while passing urine were all much better than before. Due to her nature of procrastination, she had been delaying visiting the clinic for medicines but over all she was doing much better.


Urinary bladder prolapse or Cystocoele is a common complication post surgery, due to the injury to the muscles of the pelvic floor. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on the basis on the totality and constitution of the patient helps in strengthening the muscles, due to which symptomatic relief can definitely be offered.

Case study by Dr Amrita Utekar

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