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Quick Recovery Of Lichen Planus with Life Force Medicines!!


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Mr. S. K. twenty-five years old young boy from Yavatmal (Patient Identification Number:  27037LF) visited Life Force on 12th October 2014 for his Lichen Planus. He had the first attack of lichen planus in 2011, which was relieved without medicines but had relapsed since last three to four months. He had scattered spots of Lichen Planus on his right shoulder, right and left forearm, right and left thighs, left waist and neck. The spots of Lichen Planus had been spreading in the last few months and looked active. There was a lot of itching and mild burning. He took allopathic treatment for one month.

Mr. S. K also had acne vulgaris from past four years. He had acne over face and shoulder. Acne was painful and reddish in color.

Mr. S. K was a tall and lean boy who had an average an appetite and was a non-vegetarian. He preferred spicy food and had a strong dislike for bitter food. He was very sensitive to heat, which would make him very uncomfortable. 

He was an electronic engineer and worked in MNC. He was from Yavatmal but lived in Pune alone for his work. His family members were well educated and supported him for his career. His interpersonal relations with family members were good.

His father had suffered from diabetes mellitus. 

He had suffered from jaundice in his childhood.

He was very gentle and confident. He preferred to live alone. He was very selective making friends. He was reserved, so spoke less. 

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research based molecules for Lichen planus and acne vulgaris.

Mr. S. K. visited for his first follow up on 5th December 2015 and reported overall seventy-five improvement in his condition. Spots over right shoulder, right and left forearm, right and left thighs, left waist and neck were reduced by seventy-five percent. Itching and burning also reduced. Acne also reduced by ninety percent.

Mr. S.K. gave his feedback online after two months on 5th February 2016. The condition was same, old spots were reduced but new spots had appeared over the right arm and lower back. 

Mr. S.K reported on 23rd April 2016. Overall fifty percent reduction was observed in the old spots. Itching occurred sometimes. Burning was completely gone. Spots over right shoulder, right and left forearm, right and left thighs, left waist and neck were reduced by fifty percent.

He visited Life Force on 7th June 2016 and reported overall seventy percent  reduction in his complaints. Spots over right shoulder, right and left forearm, right and left thighs, left waist and neck were reduced by seventy percent. Acne was completely gone. He had acute complaint cough from one week.

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Mr. S. K reported on 26th July 2016. Overall ninety-five percent recovery was observed. Spots over right shoulder, right and left forearm, right and left thighs, left waist and neck were reduced by ninety-five percent. His complaint of cough was complete gone, however, his acne complaint had again started since one week.

Mr. SK visited on 20th September 2016. His overall complaint was  ninety-eight percent reduced. Spots over right and left thigh had disappeared. Spots over right shoulder, right and left forearm left waist and neck were reduced by ninety-eight percent.

This case shows that Lichen planus can be effectively controlled with homeopathic medicines  in a short period of duration. It cures the condition from within and restores the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

-Ishwari Nanoti, 23rd September 2016.

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