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Lichen Planus on lips cured completely by Dr. Shah’s medications.

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A simple and sober Mr. G. G. P. visited our clinic on 26th November 2012. He had suffered from Lichen Planus 5 – 7 years ago which was then treated with unani medicines. He had a relapse 2 – 3 months ago on skin and lips. He had suffered from dengue 3 months back and probably the medicines taken for it had triggered the Lichen Planus again. He had oral ulcers also along with Lichen Planus. There was pain felt in the mouth. Since a month the spots had appeared on hands and wrist. His mother also had Lichen Planus in the past. He had taken only Vitamin tablets this time, no other treatment.

He was a vegetarian and liked spicy and sweets. He was sensitive to cold weather. There were no complaints in bowels, thirst. His sleep was disturbed and interrupted.

He was working as an air traffic controller at the airport. His wife was working at a clerical post in government office. He had 2 children; 4 years old son and 7 years old daughter. His father had expired in 2003 due to pneumonia. His mother was staying with them.

He was very systematic in work and irritable by nature. He would get angry and sad if work is not done. He would have daily arguments with his mother. He would feel that his mother was dominating on him. There was much job stress, but his relations with co workers were cordial.

His mother suffered from high blood pressure and lichen planus. His father was apparently healthy before succumbing to pneumonia. His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and was prescribed few research based medicines.

He visited on 7th January, 2013 with overall 60% improvement in Lichen Planus. There was no spread or new spots. The spots on the lips had visibly improved, but the spots on the hands were same.

He visited on 26th February with further improvement in his lips Lichen Planus. There were no oral ulcers. There was spread on the hands since 15 – 20 days. He also had recurrent boils since past 15 days. He had an episode of fever and cough a month ago for which he had taken antibiotics. His case was reviewed and the necessary changes were made in the medicines.

He reported on 9th April with improvement in hid lips. There were spread and new spots on the hands and legs and they were itchy. There were no ulcers. His boils had also decreased. His medicines were upgraded.

He reported on 31st May with improvement in both the skin and lips Lichen Planus. The oral ulcers were completely cured. The itching on skin had decreased. The signs of healing were noticeable on the hands and legs. The recurrent boils were also further better.

He visited on 8th July 2013 with complete cure on his lips Lichen Planus. All the spots on hands were flattened and dark pigmented healed. There was no itching. The oral ulcers had also cured. There was no boil in past 6 weeks.

He was happy to come to Life Force for treatment and getting cured.

Uploaded on 10th July 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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