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"I really feel that treatment in life force is very effective. When I started my treatment in Life force my viral load was approx 34 lakhs unit and after a treatment of 4 months viral load has reduced approx 1.5 lakh unit. Thanks to Dr. Shah and team."

"Since 1 & 1/2 years I am suffering from a vitiligo spot on my lips. Then we got information about "Life Force" on internet we started treatment of Dr. Shah since last 1 year Treatment given by Dr. Shah suits me and my spot is totally gone in 1 year.Now I am totally fine and healthy. Thank you Dr. Shah and "Life Force Health Center" it is been to get treatment from such nice hospital. "

"I think that the homeopathy treatment is so good. Spacily life force treatment is so good. Because after 4 months treatment my mother is 50% cure that report we made in Bangladesh. I think that life force treatment system is very fare. Because they can't make report on there own lab"

"I came to know Life Force through internet and I had to give a try on homeopathy. Since no other options available. Observing the published testimonials there, I had some belief but unless I try and workout for me I wont get 100% belief. That 100% belief really worked foe me when it created wonder within the period of 8months, I started consuming the pills. No side-effect as well. Great relief that my viral count gave below detectable level and under control now. My special thanks to Dr Shah and his dedication to his profession."

"I have been in contact with Dr. Shah and life force for 5 years now. Most of the times I have consulted Dr. shah via his website but time to latest time I have visit the clinic in person and I must say that I get more and impressed over Dr. shah's still and his homeopathic methods. They really works!!"

"I have approached life force with a problem of urticaria. I had found the reference of life force through the internet.The solutions advice through the internet has been very prompt and helpful.The appointment with Dr. Shah and the best at Life force had been very friendly and professional after 3 months of medicine feel much better and very happy I would like to recommend everyone to visit Life force "

"I had an acute from last 25years. I had acute problem in breathing and could not walk even 2steps. But after taking Dr Shah's medicines my asthma is gone. My cough and mucus is gone and I can now walk and play. There has been tremendous improvement in my health an in turn in my nature. Thanks to Dr Shah for making my life good & sweet."

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47-years-old female patient, Ms. N (Patient Ref. No.-28390) approached the clinic on 2nd April 2016 with the complaint of trigeminal neuralgia (right sided) that she suffered since 5 years. She used to suffer from severe pain that was quite frequent. Her pain used to increase while talking & .....Read more

A 13-year-old boy from Uttarakhand, Mr. K.S. (PIN: 34835) started online treatment from at Life Force in December 2017 for the complaint of ‘child asthma’.

The medical history was given by the patient’s father online. The patient was suffering from Asthma for the past .....Read more

I can enjoy long morning walk now - 45-year housewife got rid of the pain of Calcaneal spur 


Mrs RD (PIN 19312) a 45 years old housewife from Mumbai, India, visited Life Force clinic on 22nd June 2012.

She complained of pain in the left heel for 5 months......Read more

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Results may vary from person to person

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