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    “I have a rare privilege of treating all kinds of Americans from every corner of the US, including the past President’s family, Hollywood stars, scientists, university professors, and the like.”

    - Dr Rajesh Shah

Frequent Colds Testimonials

Nuran (Mother of Dooukan Yylmaz), Turkey.

My daughter is very well now after your treatment. Before homeopathy we had to use a lot of antibiotics nearly every month. Every month she had Tonsillitis and fever. During last 3.5 months (after the homeopathy treatment), she has never been ill. I check the temperature every day for 3-4 times from the beginning of the treatment till now and it will never be over the 37 C degree. And also she is very happy, she likes too much this little candies. We are so happy, I have no depression any more as my little girl is OK. Thanks God and to you, now everything is OK. My best regards.

Mustafa_Özgür, Turkey

When the ENT doctor asked for the removal of my daughter's Tonsils, my husband and me were not convinced. We firmly believed that Tonsils should not be removed and were trying to find someone who can support our ideas. Incidentally, a colleague suggested Dr. Shah's web site and we put our child on the Homeopathic treatment program. The treatment has proved effective and the surgery is avoided.

Mrs. K, coordinator, ICSC shool in Mumbai, India

Dr Shah took up a project of treating children in our school who could not attend school due to colds. At the end of the project, children’s attendance improved significantly. Dr Shah's Life Force approached us with a project of treating those children who remained absent at school due to frequent colds. Fifteen children registered for this project. Proper details and database was maintained by Dr Shah's team. At the end of six months of project, we observed that the children fell sick much less frequently, the remained present at school much better as compared to the previous six months. We are happy with the results and we strongly recommend various schools to participate in such a project. The entire project was sponsored by Life Force and the parents did not have to pay for the treatment.

S. R. J. (India)

Myself Gauri Rajesh Jadhav, I have very good experience with Life Force. My child always used to suffer from frequent colds and cough so I started medicines from Life Force and he got lot of relief from this medicines. So I thanks Life Force for giving such nice days to my son.

L. S. V. G., Son of V. G., Tampico, Mexico

My son has shown remarkable improvement in his frequent colds and allergies. He has had 1 episode of cold which took only 2 or 3 days to disappear and one of allergy at night. He was very congested and with 2 doses of antihistaminic (Virlix) it went off. Normally, by now he would already be sick with a cold or tonsils after so much sun, pool and beach, but now he has kept very healthy. We are really pleased with the treatment and waiting for the next part of it.

Sharon Monarko, Oregon, USA

I have been on your medicines since July of 2006 and I have not had one episode of cold since then. I will feel as if I am coming down with a cold for a day or 2 but it never develops past that point. After all the sinus, respiratory problems and colds I have had since 1990, this is nothing short of a miracle!!! My colds are cured!! Thank you so much. In appreciation. Dated: 24 July, 09. I was having constant colds for 14 years and with your medicine they stopped. I would say that not one cold in 4 years says it all. The only thing I have even close to a cold for the last 4 years has been mucus. My colds have totally stopped with your treatment. You're treatment has been like a miracle to me!!!

Sunil Roongta, India

I was suffering from severe cold from last 8 to 10 years. I was controlling my runny (flowing) nose and sneezing by using cetrizine, saridon and sometimes prescription from other doctors. But all the above relaxed me only for two three days and again the same situation. Before 2 months this trouble increased tremendously and I started taking 3 to 4 pills daily and I was very sad. Then I came across Life Force and visited the clinic. Thanks to Dr Shah with his medicines for one month only I am relieved from the colds and I am feeling good. I again thank God and parents of Dr Shah who gave us a doctor who can treat all such problems. I hope my other problems like backpain and constipation shall get treated as well, now they are nothing for Life Force.


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