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Lichen Planus Testimonials

P. P., USA

There is about 70% improvement in existing rashes and new rashes development. 40-50% improvement is observed in skin color; there is reduction in hyper pigmentation also!!

Pankaj Pathak, USA

Lichen Planus attacked my entire body in Nov/ Dec 2007. Doctors in USA did many tests including skin cancer diagnosis. Fortunately I found Dr. Shah’s site while researching on my L.P. I contacted Life Force team online; with them I shared my Lichen Planus photos and sent the questionnaire reply. I received the medicines within 15 days. USA doctors prescribed very heavy dose of prednisone 60mg. (Steroid). This steroid caused many side effects like bode swelling, weight gain, blurred vision and increased level of cholesterol. As per Dr. Shah’s suggestion I stopped steroid. And now after 1 year of Dr. Shah’s medicines my Lichen Planus is 99% gone only hyperpigmentation is there. Dr. Shah came to my life as Dhanwantari (God of medicines) and helped me and my family come out of the worst times of my life!!! Thank you Life Force team!!! Click here to view original testimonial
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P. S., India

80% lichen planus is cured. Now only very light spots are present all over the body. She is responding very well to your medicines. Slow and consistent improvement is been noticed. We are very happy with the treatment.

P. R. B., USA

I am doing very well with my Lichen planus. I continue to improve over time and can now at least brush my teeth without constant pain and agony. Also I have less and less flare ups and the intensity have reduced. I think there may be about 70% better since I started your medicine. It’s given me my life back. So, thank you very much Dr Shah for your help.

R. M., UK

There is improvement and thankfully the Lichen Planus appears to have stopped spreading. I have seen a fair amount of improvement with the medication I have taken so far. I have had no new white spots and the lesions inside my cheeks have almost gone, leaving brown patches there. I do still have some lesions on my gums which seem to be slowly disappearing. There has also been an improvement to the re-curing ulcers I was getting on my gums. This is simply great! Thanks to Dr Shah.

L. G., USA

Affected areas of the tongue with Lichen Planus have begun to grow together. I view this as an improvement because it has not happened before. Definitely there is an improvement. I will be seeing my ENT doctor for his view on the progress. The last visit was in September and at that time he said there was improvement.

H. M., Pakistan

The response to the treatment has been good. Most of the marks on my body have gone away. Only one mark, on the back of my lower left leg, remains. There has been much improvement in the lichen planus since I started taking the medicine.


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