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Hepatitis C Testimonials

S. R. I., Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am extremely satisfied with your medicine for Hep-C. Dr Shah and his medicine is a great hope in the dark for many people of Bangladesh who are suffering from the deadly Hepatitis C. Keep up the good work, Sir.

R. F., Ontario, Canada

Dr. Shah's medication for Hepatitis C has been working very well for me. I continue to feel even more confident. My energy level and overall health seems to be in good balance. I am so happy, the disease has never made me feel so, but with your treatment i feel i am recovering. Thanks a lot Dr Shah.

E. S., PA, USA

My response to the treatment is positive. I have achieved good results with the treatment. My viral load has reduced from 30,00,000 units to 6,00,000 units. I can estimate that the viral load has decreased by 75%. I have not started with the pegIntron/ribavirin treatment. I am relying only on Dr.Shah's prescribed medication. Thanks a lot Dr Shah.

Carl Lawrence, USA

My Hep C viral count has diminished due to your treatment! Before contacting you, in June 2007, it was 174,946. After your treatment, on the 2nd of Feb 2008, it was 129,261 (down 45,685). After the second course, on the 5th of May, it was 78,605 (down 50,656). And now, after the third course, on the 26th of November, it was 57,107 (down 21,498). I feel great and have had great results. I cannot thank Dr Shah enough. I am so happy!! If there is anything else I can ever do for you, never hesitate to ask. God Bless you, Dr Shah.

A. T., USA

I am seeing lot of improvement with Dr Shah’s treatment. I am responding well. I feel I have got 70% improvement. The viral load on 5th Aug 2008 was 7,990,000 it reduced to 30,400,000 in 24th Oct 2008; on 14th Jan 2009 it is 907,000. I am responding very well. Approximately 60% of cure occurred from the beginning of the treatment. I am feeling lot better, I am very thankful for your care.

J. S., USA

I have responded well to treatment. All pain has subsided in my liver area and my energy levels have increased by at least 25%. I would say the progession of the disease has slowed. I still have an occasional pain in my liver but compared to the daily pain I used to experience, it is a great improvement. I look forward to continuing the use of this product. It has significantly reduced my symptoms.

V. N., Australia

The medicine works, I feel a lot better.


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