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Nephrotic Syndrome Testimonials

S. Q., China

My son is very fine, the protein level in urine is negative since last 2-3 months!! This makes us so happy. Thank you all.

Stanley Qi, China

Thank God, I searched Life Force on internet by the key sentence "can homeopathy cure Nephrotic Syndrome?" on Google March 2008, at that time my 2-year-old son was suffering Nephrotic Syndrome and we don''t want to try steroid according to his situation. I flied to Mumbai from China and talked with Dr Shah and Dr Anand face to face. We started homeopathy treatment by Life Force from March 7, 2008, since April 2008, the protein level(in urine)start to reduce gradually. Eventually on Jan 2009 the protein level become negative onwards !! My son is cured by steroid-free treatment-GREAT Homeopathy,GREAT Life Force. We don''t know how to express our thanks to the team of Life Force, but strongly recommend the parents whose children suffer from N.S to try homeopathy with Life Force!! I will also try to make the people around me to know homeopathy, to know Life Force. Dated: 18 Aug, 09 First of all, please allow me to thank you all to help me to cure my Son QiQi. Since Jan.2009, the protein level(in urine) came to negative, and on Feb there was some protein leakage, but from March till now, we are glad to see, it stay negative onwards, The Protein level (in urine) stays negative since March 2009 till now.

Parents of T. S., Uttar Pradesh,India.

There is no doubt; the medicines are quite effective and showed lot of improvement. She is 65-70% cured. Reports are coming normal. Thank you.

D. K., India

100% improvement. The urine report is normal till date.

S. P., India

My son has responded well to your treatment. He has stopped taking prednisolone for last 5 months, without any relapse. Urine protein levels are normal. Before taking your medicine, whenever prednisolone was stopped, immediately he would get another attack of nephrotic syndrome. But now it is not so. Heartfelt thanks to Dr SHAH.

O. M., USA

Nephrotic syndrome has significantly improved. The urine protein reduced from 1.9g to 0.5g. Simvastatin treatment was stopped and Lisinopril was reduced to 10mg/day with the help of homeopathy.

M. S., Iraq

A good response, about 90% improvement. No relapse after stopping with Prednisone. Currently on no steroid. Urine protein level nil.


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