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Hepatitis C Testimonials

J. S., USA

I have responded well to treatment. All pain has subsided in my liver area and my energy levels have increased by at least 25%. I would say the progession of the disease has slowed. I still have an occasional pain in my liver but compared to the daily pain I used to experience, it is a great improvement. I look forward to continuing the use of this product. It has significantly reduced my symptoms.

V. N., Australia

The medicine works, I feel a lot better.

A. S., India

I am feeling much better now. The sinusitis has very much improved. I don't have frequent fever now. My immune system has improved. I don't have heavy hairloss which i was experiencing earlier. The only problem that i have is constipation which happens frequently.

B. A., USA

My viral load dropped from 3 million in 2005 to 100000 in 2007. The liver enzymes were in hundreds and were back to normal at the end of 2007. The treatment was clearly working, gradually but effectively.

E. M., USA

My main health problem is Hepatitis C and symptoms that go along with that disease. I would estimate about 50-75% improvement in all symptoms. I still have some abdominal pain, but the intensity and frequency are less. I do experience Anxiety but it has improved for about 25%. Most of my symptoms have responded well. Many thanks and regards.

W. S., USA

My viral load was 1,400,000 it is now down to 188,000 It is working!!! Thanks and regards.

Abhishek Rai, Uttar Pradesh, India

I really feel that treatment in Life Force is very effective. When I started my treatment in Life Force my viral load was approx 34 lacks and after a treatment of just 4 months viral load has reduced drastically to approx 1.5 lacks. Thanks to Dr. Shah and his team!!!


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