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Case Studies of Peripheral Neuropathy

Case 1

Mr. S.V.  PIN Number L-9695 Post Stroke neurological deficit and peripheral neuropathy.

A fifty years old man Mr. S.V. developed quadriplegia eight years ago. He recovered to a very good extent with conventional treatment and physiotherapy. But some symptoms persisted.

He experienced numbness and inability to move the thumb and index fingers of both hands. He had stiffness and heaviness in both forearms with weakness (Mild neurological deficit).

He had numbness and heaviness in the feet. He complained of burning sensation in his lower legs.

His case was studied in detail. He was an obstinate, arrogant person. He was talkative and stubborn by nature. He would never accept any suggestions. He was of irritable nature.

He was short tempered and argumentative by nature. He was a civil contractor and always worked on construction sites. He was in the habit of chewing tobacco. He was detected to be hypertensive, but he refused to take regular anti hypertensive drugs.

He was completing a major office complex for an IT company, which stressed him a lot. He was very anxious to complete the work on time. During this period, he got the stroke.

>He retired after recovering from it, but he was left with residual neurological deficit.

He still chewed tobacco; he was still irregular with his medicines for High Blood Pressure. He said that he liked tobacco very much and that he did not care for his health.

Dr. Shah spoke with him for a long time. He was counselled to avoid tobacco and to be regular with the blood pressure medicines.

He did not keep the promise for more than a week.

He was prescribed Tabacum 200 C based on his dedicated craving for tobacco and as it was one of the chief causes for his hypertension and peripheral neuralgia.

It took almost six months to start showing improvement. However, the improvement was definite after the eighth month.

He showed good relief in the numbness and heaviness of forearms. His thumbs, which were life less, started showing the first sign of life. He could move his thumb and index fingers.

He was very happy to demonstrate his ability to move his thumb and index fingers

He could now write and sign, use his hands for fine activities. The burning sensation (peripheral neuropathy) and the heaviness in the lower legs reduced

He could be persuaded to leave tobacco!

This case demonstrates the efficacy of Homeopathic medicines in chronic neurological cases. This case was taken up on an experimental basis. The patient’s distant relative was relieved of her nephrotic syndrome; she had referred this patient with high hopes.

We were happy to see positive results in this difficult and chronic case.

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