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  A. B., USA. - Alopecia Areata
Hair has stopped dropping; she is not shedding any hair. Baby hair tiny ones continue to grow along her hairline above forehead, which makes us very hopeful. No hair growth on scalp yet.
  R. S., Nepal.. - Hair Falling
I see almost 70-80% reductiion in hairfall. The hairfall is less.
  Dr. S. F., Mumbai, India.. - GERD Treatment
I could not stay without taking antacids almost every other day for my Heartburn but after starting Homeopathic treatment, my complaints have significantly reduced. I am not dependent on those antacids anymore and am leading a normal life now.
  J. C., India.. - Frequent Colds
The colds have reduced substantially. The discharge is a lot better. I am doing very well.
  B. G., India .. - Fissure-in-ano
The pain is almost gone I can say 70%, the bowel is alright. I want to thank Dr Shah for providing me the best treatment.
  A. J., India... - Asthma
Within 7 months of starting the treatment, there is 80 % improvement in her condition. The frequency of the asthmatic attack has reduced.
  Ana Luisa Sabados.,Romania.. - Chalazion
My daughter has responded well to the treatment. The results started to show after a month of treatment. The left eye Chalazion (which was very small) disappeared completely and at the right eye (lower part) has two chalazions and a little scar improved by aproximately 70%-80 %. Many people don’t notice anything.
  V. K. - Dubai, UAE - Cervical Spondylitis
I feel a lot better now. I don't have any pain during the periods. I have completed the medicine about 10 days ago and feel normal....
  A. D. Father of A., USA - Atopic Dermatitis
My son has responded very well to Atopic Dermatitis treatment so far. He has improved around 70% since we started your treatment!!!

We have also observed that Atopic Dermatitis has improved on some body parts such as face, arms, chest, tummy and back.

Thank you Life Force team.
  Mrs. N.A.C., Mumbai - Child Asthma
I came to know from a common friend Mr. Suresh Kumar about Life Force. My experience is good for both me and my son. Both of ours asthma is much under control. The medicines surely worked for us. The overall response we got here was good.
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