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  • Tired of taking sleeping pills?
    Check homeopathy for natural sleep
    Insomnia or sleeplessness finds amazing treatment using homeopathy; which is not only effective but also free from adverse effects. It is not a sleeping pills, but helps inducing natural sleep.
  • Life Force Homeopathy for natural sleep
    Our patients in 180 countries. Since 1980
    Experience, Expertise, Ethics
  • Solution to Sleeplessness in Homeopathy
    Understanding your mind-set and treating accordingly
    Dr Shah's research based molecules
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    You need medicine which can treat underlying problem
    Homeopathy goes to the root of problme.
Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D. has been working on various chronic diseases including insomnia. The results have been amazing and the patients have expressed gratitude. His research based molecules have international patent pending for difficult disease situations. His unique treatment protocol is made available to patients in 180 countries.

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Based on Dr Shah's expertise and experience since 1985.

Sleeplessness (Insomnia) is more common than thought of. Having enough quality sleep is vital to the emotional and physical well being. Most people believe that one needs sleeping pills for sleeplessness.


Dr Shah's homeopathy offers natural sleep without sleeping pills.

We've patients in 180 countries.

sleeplessness treatment details

  • Sleeping pill is not the real treatment for sleeplessness. Your doctor needs to understand the cause of your sleeplessness, understand your stress-coping system and accordingly design treatment for you. Read more

  • Try to understand your sleeplessness or insomnia. Do you have difficulty falling to sleep or your sleep interrupted or you tend to wake up early or you have nightmares? Read More
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  • If you have anxiety or emotional turmoil making your mind restless or sleepless, get it treated using correct homeopathic treatment. Read more
  • Avoid going to the bed unless you are really sleepy. Have some physical exercise or a walk outside home, in fresh environment, before going to sleep.

  • Read some good book or listen to peaceful music before retiring to sleep. If you wake up from sleep, do not worry about not falling back to sleep. Simply decide to go to sleep. You may also try some prayers or meditation.
  • My overall health has been generally good. Emotionally I feel that I have been doing fine.

  • My country does not have homeopathy. I got so much better with your treatment, I was wondering how else could I have received homeopathy if there was no Internet?
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  • Even sedatives couldn't help this 52 year old lady with sleeplessness since 4 years

  • 54 years old businessman had lost sleep after loss in business. He regained his sleep after treatment.

  • 45 years old pre-primary teacher was 80% relieved of her sleeplessness
  • Denture induced oral lichen planus on the gums and tongue, which was partly better with steroids; responded wonderfully to homeopathic treatment. 16 years old boy who had Lichen Planus since 6 months, recovered very quickly, as his disease was of recent origin.

  • 49 years old nuclear scientist, would have urticarial rash all over the body, every day, if he missed the dose of antihistamine. 16 years old boy who had Lichen Planus since 6 months, recovered very quickly, as his disease was of recent origin.
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