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  • This website tells everything you need to know about Vitiligo
    Based on Dr Shah's experience with over 6000 cases of Vitiligo from 180 countries
    Experience, Expertise, Ethics
  • Dr Shah's research based molecules have better success in Vitiligo
    Our patients in over 180 countries
  • A Book on Vitiligo by
    Dr Rajesh Shah, MD

    Who has treated over 6000 patients of vitiligo from 180 countries
  • We have treated:
    Americans, British, Canadians, Danish, Egyptians, Finnish, Germans, Hungarians, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Lebanese, Mongolians, Norwegian, Omanis, Polish, Qatarians, Russians, South Africans, Tanzanians, Ugandans, Vietnamese, West Indies, Yemenis, Zimbabweans.

  • Tired of Cortisone cream for Vitiligo?
    Our treatment for VITILIGO
    is extremely effective.

    Leucoderma is caused either due to destruction of melanin (pigment) or its retarded production.
  • Vitiligo Curability Test

    Check your chances of cure, based on
    Dr Shah's 28 years experience.

  • 5 things Vitiligo patients should know:
    * It is not serious
    * It is partly curable and controllable
    * It does not spread by touch
    * Avoid sour food, fish
    * Homeopathy is a choice of treatment
    Based on study of 6000 cases
  • One of Asia's largest Homeopathy clinics
    180 Countrywide Experience
    28 years in practice

    Experience, Expertise, Ethics
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    We have treated patients from over 180 countries.
  • Read testimonials of our patients from all across the world.
    We have treated all skin-types:
    American, Asian, European, African, etc.

    Experience, Expertise, Ethics
  • Check Case-studies of patients treated at Life Force
    We have been able to help patients of Vitiligo during various stages
    Experience, Expertise, Ethics
  • Homeopathy is elevated to
    new level at Life Force

    Thanks to Research based medicines by
    Dr Shah who has US, European, Australian and Indian patents to his credit
  • Vitiligo is not a serious disease, but it requires expertise to treat.
    At Life Force, we have treated over 6000 cases from 180 countries.
    Ethics, Experience, Expertise
  • At Life Force, our policy is to take only those cases which we are able to help
    Ethics, Experience, Expertise
  • Vitiligo: Chances of cure
    1. Single and small spots: Respond better
    2. Very old, large patches: Difficult to treat
    3. Both sides of body: Difficult or incurable
    4. Finger-tips, lips: To control
    Based on experience with 6000 cases

  • If your child has vitiligo, read Dr Shah's message for parents..

The Vitiligo curability test is an on-line test to suggest a possibility of help with homeopathy. The criteria for the test in the form of a series of simple questions, have been determined to suggest the chances of improvement with regard to the Vitiligo.

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Dr Shah's experience with Vitiligo

Vitiligo treatment requires experience. Vitiligo treatment is better understood by those who have treated at least 200 cases of vitiligo. At Life Force, Dr Shah is vitiligo expert having experience of vitiligo treatment of over 5000 cases.  

Let your case be assessed by our team of vitiligo doctors who will opine for free on your vitiligo treatment

vitiligo treatment

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Dr Shah's video on Vitiligo

  • Vitiligo is an innocent disease: It is safer to have vitiligo than to have alopecia areata, diabetes, underactive thyroid or cancer, which belong to the same group of auto-immune diseases. Read more..

  • Use of cortisone for vitiligo eventually increase the chances of more vitiligo, based on the study at Life Force. Read more..
  • Take it easy! Dr Shahs message to parents whose child may have vitiligo. A must read for parents. Read more..

  • The chances of cure of your vitiligo depends on the extent of leucoderma (vitiligo), duration, sizes of spots, the location of spots, and the causative factors. Click here to find out what are the chances of cure for your vitiligo. Read more..
  • Avoid certain food articles, which may increase the chances of spread. For instance avoid sour food and fish. Read more..

  • If you have been diagnosed having vitiligo, it is advisable to get your thyroid hormone study, even if you do not have symptoms of under active thyroid.
  • Video Testimonials

    Case Photos treated at Life Force

  • I am really very happy with the treatment.
  • Denture induced oral on the gums and tongue, which was partly better with steroids; responded wonderfully to homeopathic treatment. 16 years old boy who had since 6 months, recovered very quickly, as his disease was of recent origin.

  • 49 years old nuclear scientist, would have rash all over the body, every day, if he missed the dose of antihistamine. 16 years old boy who had since 6 months, recovered very quickly, as his disease was of recent origin.
  • 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    If you are not satisfied with the treatment after taking it for six weeks, you can return the medicine bottle with unused tablets to our office in India. A $60 fee (shipping and handling) will apply and the rest of your money will be refunded. The refund will be executed if the medicine parcel is received by us within 8 weeks. Renewal patients not eligible as they already have experience with our success.

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