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  • At Life Force, we have treated even Oral Surgeon having Oral Lichen Planus.

    Doctors of all specialties have been treated at Life Force for various diseases

  • It is rare that Lichen Planus may turn into Cancer.

    Patients with Oral Lichen Planus may be suggested biopsy if the lesions are resistant to treat.

  • If you suppress Lichen Planus by cortisone, you are likely to have more severe Lichen Planus.

    It can spread from skin to mouth and genitals. This observation is based on Dr Shah’s extensive experience

  • Lichen Planus can affect skin, mouth, genitals, nails and scalp.

    The duration of treatment may depend on the extent of the disease. Lichen Planus only on the skin is easier to treat than one on skin + mouth + genitals.


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Lichen Planus: What your doctors won’t tell you about Lichen Planus…


By Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D.

(For information of patients and conventional doctors.)

The conventionally trained dermatologists (skin doctor) may have certain opinions about Lichen Planus and its treatment, based on the information gathered through medical training and experience. Unfortunately, the conventional medical training gives exposure only to the conventional therapies. As a result, any alternative solutions to Lichen Planus are never taught to or learned by the conventional doctors.

Also, the mindset of the conventional doctors takes such a shape that they often tend to think that there exists nothing beyond the conventional treatment, especially when it comes to the treatment for Lichen Planus in particular and many chronic diseases in general.As a result, knowingly or unknowingly, they become instrumental in depriving patients of the benefits of other alternatives, especially homeopathy.

Let us see what your doctors will or won't tell you about Lichen Planus:

Cortisone or steroids is the most effective and probably the only treatment for Lichen Planus.

It is not correct, actually. Homeopathy offers an excellent treatment for Lichen Planus, which your doctor may not tell you, largely due to ignorance.

Cortisone will cure Lichen Planus.

It rarely happens that Lichen Planus is cured using cortisone. In most cases, Lichen Planus resurfaces after stopping the use of cortisone, which the doctors might not tell you.

Use of cortisone makes Lichen Planus more resistant. It can increase Lichen Planus is some cases..

Unfortunately, hardly any doctor will tell you that as you use cortisone for Lichen Planus, it becomes all the more difficult to treat. Cortisone being an immunosuppressive therapy, it suppresses Lichen Planus lesions for some time, without curing it. As a result, some eruptions get better after using cortisone, more eruptions (elsewhere) may appear. No doctor may tell you that suppression of some eruption leads to appearance of more spots of Lichen Planus elsewhere on the body.

Stress has great bearing to Lichen Planus.

Very few doctors would probably tell you about the connection between stress and Lichen Planus. Not many doctors would review your stress in an elaborate manner and relate how stress management would help treat Lichen Planus.

Homeopathy offers excellent treatment for Lichen Planus.

Only those doctors who have personal experience using homeopathy or have seen patients getting treating with success, using homeopathy; would suggest you to opt for homeopathy. Most of them would not suggest simply due to lack of knowledge. However, the mindset is now changing; doctors in general are getting open minded and they like to check alternatives.

Homeopathy does not work for Lichen Planus.

It is very easy for anyone to comment negatively about any science. However, it can be considered valid only if the opinion comes either from professional training or personal experience.

Please ask your doctor, if the opinion is based on his or her personal training. Ask, if the doctor has evaluated clinical studies published in homeopathic medical world. It is helpful to find out if such an opinion is a arising out serious experience or wishful assumption.

Now, when you visit your skin doctor next time, ask if he or she has studied about homeopathy and its role in the treatment for Lichen Planus.

© This article is written by Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D., for the information of patients and conventional doctors.

What your doctor wont tell you about homeopathy!

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