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How To Deal With Internal Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids or piles is one of the difficult lifestyle diseases that one can experience. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins either in the lower part of the rectum or deep inside the rectum. Hemorrhoids are mainly of two types, namely internal and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are generally painful causing discomfort or, at times, severe pain due to a rich nerve supply ... Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Stress To Enjoy Good Health & Life


Any major stress in life? Almost every patient visiting Life Force for any chronic disease is likely to be asked this question. In fact, enquiring about the stress in the patient’s life is a protocol that all homeopaths across the globe follow. This question has a great significance because it has been proved that the rise in autoimmune diseases and ... Read More »

Should You Exercise If You Suffer From Migraine?


Migraine is a severe headache associated with nausea, vomiting, and light and sound sensitivity. Though science is quite advanced today, still the exact cause of migraine has not been discovered. There are many triggering factors for migraine. Exercise is a potent stress reliever, and stress is commonly linked to the occurrence of a migraine attack. On the other hand, exercise ... Read More »

6 Ways To Avoid Sunburn In This Hot Weather


Do you want to prevent your skin from turning red, itchy, and painful in these months of summer? Do you want to avoid sunburn blisters, headache, chills, and fever in the hot weather? If you nodded along in agreement, then you need to follow some effective tips to avoid sunburn. So, let’s have a look at what causes sunburn and ... Read More »

9 Effective Heat Stroke Prevention Tips

heat stroke

Heat stroke is much more serious than heat exhaustion as it can cost you life. People with heat stroke may suffer from fever, seizures, or may also go into a coma. However, heat stroke is predictable and preventable. There are two types of heat stroke; one is classic or non-exercise-induced the other is exertional or activity-induced. Everyone is susceptible to heat ... Read More »

What is hyperthermia and how to avoid it?


This year’s summer will be harsher and the next couple of months temperatures will be above normal, as per the Indian Meteorological Department. Sudden change in temperature can affect the body. Certain precautionary measures are important to follow to cope up with extreme heat of summer. Hyperthermia is nothing but your body is overheated. This can happen in extreme heat, ... Read More »

Dietary Advise for Endometriosis


She was 14 and her quality of life was non-existent. She could no longer go to school because of the painful periods (also known as dysmenorrhea) & irregular periods, chronic fatigue and being in and out of hospital all the time. She finally had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis can play havoc with your quality of life. ... Read More »

What Your Teeth Tell About Your Health?


Do you know that your teeth could be a reflection of your overall body health? Your oral health is directly related to your general health. Your teeth are something which you may overlook most of the time. What extra do you do for your dental health apart from brushing them? Many people are so lazy at brushing their teeth too. ... Read More »



Introduction: SAFED PANI that is what we usually hear from women suffering from it. Leucorrhoea, this word is derived from the GREEK, which means WHITE. So leucorrhoea means thick yellowish-white discharge coming out from the vagina (female genital organ). It is further divided into 2 main categories, i.e, Physiological leucorrhoea (Normal ) Pathological leucorrhoea. (Infectious ) Leucorrhoea can occur to ... Read More »