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Discover Why Lichen Planus Patients Count On Homeopathy For Relief


As it is rightly said, it might take a day, it might take a year, but what’s meant to be, will always find its way! The same applies for Lichen Planus patients when they choose to go for homeopathy. And, if you are wondering how homeopathy can help you obtain a great relief from Lichen Planus, think no further! Just ... Read More »

Cure Your Lichen Planus with These Simple Home Remedies

lichen planus

Lichen planus is chronic disease which affects the skin, mouth, scalp, nails and genitals. It is a painful and disturbing condition as it causes itching which can be unbearable sometimes. Usually individuals suffering from lichen planus end up visiting a conventional doctor for quick relief. But it is a known fact that some conventional medicines like antibiotics, anti inflammatory medicines ... Read More »

Lichen Planus Precautions


Seema visited my clinic for a follow up after two months today. She is a case of lichen planus. I am expecting a positive feedback as she enters my cabin- Doctor– Good morning Seema, how are you doing? Seema- Good morning Doctor. I am doing good. But the lesions have increased. Earlier the lesions had started improving dramatically. But there ... Read More »

Why does my scalp itch – 5 Common causes of an itchy scalp


Do you often have to scratch your scalp? Does irresistible itching of the skin on your head put you in an awkward situation? Apart from the irritation that forces you to scratch, you may experience flaking, redness, scaling, discoloration or even hair loss. If you’re constantly scratching despite many anti-dandruff shampoos then it may be more than simple dandruff.  The ... Read More »

Signs you may have Oral Lichen Planus


Does your mouth hurt on having even the slightest of spicy meals? Is there any discomfort while drinking hot tea or coffee? Do you have a metallic taste in your mouth? Oral Lichen Planus: Mouth affection of Lichen Planus (called oral lichen planus) is a chronic ongoing auto immune disease which affects the mucous membrane of mouth, causing discomfort in ... Read More »

Could Your Tiny Skin Bumps Be Lichen Nitidus?


Is your child embarrassed amongst friends because of stubborn tiny bumps on his skin? You probably think it could be a temporary allergy, a skin rash due to heat, molluscum contagiosum (viral infection) or something you are not aware of, but it just doesn’t leave your child. Could those tiny bumps be lichen nitidus?? Lichen Nitidus – An Unusual Disease ... Read More »

Modern Medicine for Lichen Planus – Beauty or Beast ?


Isn’t it strange – there are some drugs from Modern medicine that improve lichen planus – and some that aggravate the condition! How do we know what causes and what calms the storm? Can a Beast not be tamed? Let us first have an Insight on: What is Lichen Planus: Lichen planus is a purple colored rash-like condition of various ... Read More »

Drugs that cause Oral Lichen Planus


Oral Lichen Planus means Lichen Planus of the mouth and the oral cavity. Oral Lichen Planus is a chronic, inflammatory condition which is non infectious in nature. It affects the mucous membrane of the mouth, tongue, inner side of the cheeks, gums and palate. Oral Lichen Planus is a very painful condition. There are number of causes of development of Oral ... Read More »

Lichen Planus affecting the scalp


Lichen Planus is a chronic obstinate disease, which may affect skin, nails, scalp, genitals and mouth. The exact mechanism of the development of the disease is not totally known but it is seen that people with genetic tendency usually get affected with Lichen Planus. Lichen Planus of scalp is a uncommon condition. When an individual is affected by Lichen Planus ... Read More »