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How To Treat Urticaria During Pregnancy


Jaya was tensed, of late, as she was experiencing some abnormal red rash on her body with intense itching & burning that used to make her anxious and restless. She was more concerned as she was pregnant and she was unable to understand why this was happening to her during pregnancy. She approached her family physician who finally diagnosed it ... Read More »


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Cold urticaria (Hives) refers to urticaria that arises from exposure to a cold stimulus or damp environmental condition. It is the most common form of physical urticaria. In urticaria immune system i.e body’s defense mechanism, get disturbed and shows a hypersensitive reaction to an allergen, it activates the antibodies, IgE antibodies and eosinophils (a type of white blood cell involved ... Read More »

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urticaria Treatment

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Urticaria is one of the most common skin allergies. Urticaria is also known as hives or nettle rash in which erythematous, raised eruptions like that of wheals to appear on the skin along with intense itching, stinging and burning. Urticaria is nothing but one form of immunological or hypersensitivity reaction of the body in response to exposure to a certain ... Read More »

Simple Home Hacks For Your Hives!


Introduction: Urticaria, better known as hives or nettle rash is one of the commonest skin allergies people suffer today. It is estimated that more than 1/6th of the whole world’s population has been affected by this skin allergy. Urticaria is a skin disease in which the patient experiences transient eruptions of wheals on skin, with well-defined red margins. These eruptions ... Read More »

Why does my scalp itch – 5 Common causes of an itchy scalp


Do you often have to scratch your scalp? Does irresistible itching of the skin on your head put you in an awkward situation? Apart from the irritation that forces you to scratch, you may experience flaking, redness, scaling, discoloration or even hair loss. If you’re constantly scratching despite many anti-dandruff shampoos then it may be more than simple dandruff.  The ... Read More »

Urticaria Treatment


Urticaria is commonly a hypersensitivity reaction of the skin to various factors-external and internal. Common external factors are food items like sea food, colouring agents, eggs, meat, or environmental factors like pollens, bee sting, etc. Aspirin and other painkillers like ibuprofen or high blood pressure medications can also cause urticaria rashes. Excess heat, cold, exercise or sweating may also cause urticaria. ... Read More »

Treatment for Urticaria – A Scratch for Every Itch


“Happiness is, a scratch for every itch”, said the poet Ogden Nash. If you suffer from Urticaria, you are probably looking for a treatment for urticaria which offers a permanent solution. Is homeopathy a good solution for urticaria? Let’s have a look to see how Homeopathy can help: Have you been diagnosed with Urticaria? Urticaria, commonly known as Hives is ... Read More »

Chronic hives in children & its treatment


Hives are also known as urticaria. Hives means red, itchy raised patches on the skin which last from a few hours to few days. Hives can appear on any part of the body. Hives occur as a result of an allergic (or non-allergic) reaction produced by or within the body. Due to some allergic reactions chemical called histamine is released ... Read More »