Simple Home Hacks For Your Hives!


Introduction: Urticaria, better known as hives or nettle rash is one of the commonest skin allergies people suffer today. It is estimated that more than 1/6th of the whole world’s population has been affected by this skin allergy. Urticaria is a skin disease in which the patient experiences transient eruptions of wheals on skin, with well-defined red margins. These eruptions ... Read More »

Best Homeopathic Remedies To Treat Vitiligo


Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks and destroys the melanin-producing melanocytes in the skin. Melanin is a skin pigment which gives color to skin. In vitiligo either there is loss of or defective production of melanin. Destruction of melanocytes causes loss of skin color leading to white patches on the skin. In most cases even the ... Read More »

Homeopathy a Boon in Psoriasis


Those troublesome red, scaly, itchy patches must have worried you since long. There was no easy way out than to apply topical applications and get rid of the intolerable itching. However, those patches would come back once you stop applying topical applications. So, applying an ointment is probably not the solution, It needs something deep, something long acting. Something that ... Read More »

Tired of Eczema? Homeopathic Treatment Will Help You to Cure it


Eczema is a notorious skin disease as it tends to flare up periodically and subsides.  Eczema can be stressful, embarrassing and tiresome due to its chronicity and periodicity. Conventional medicines only have a palliative mode of action in flair ups rather than a cure for eczema. Each time during a flair up patient has to take the medicines and it ... Read More »

Diet For Fatty Liver Disease


Fatty liver disease is characterized by the accumulation of triglycerides in the hepatocytes of patients. It ranges in severity from simple steatosis (excessive fat accumulation) to steatohepatitis (liver cell injury and inflammation). Dietary factors contribute to fat accumulation in the liver, and early intervention is the key to helping patients. Many fad diets come and go and indeed may be ... Read More »



Introduction: SAFED PANI that is what we usually hear from women suffering from it. Leucorrhoea, this word is derived from the GREEK, which means WHITE. So leucorrhoea means thick yellowish-white discharge coming out from the vagina (female genital organ). It is further divided into 2 main categories, i.e, Physiological leucorrhoea (Normal ) Pathological leucorrhoea. (Infectious ) Leucorrhoea can occur to ... Read More »

Mild Homeopathic Medicines For Restless Souls


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a developmental and behavioral disorder in which a child or an adult consistently displays certain characteristic behaviors such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive attitude. ADHD has causes that have not been fully understood as yet and researchers are still exploring genetic linkage. Some other risk factors for developing ADHD include – Premature delivery, very ... Read More »

Kids In Their Own World, Cause Could Be Asperger’s Syndrome


Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by severe impairments in reciprocal social interaction, the use of language for social discourse, and a circumscribed interest in unusual subjects. A difference in cognitive and social-emotional skills that creates difficulty for an individual to understand their world and how to interact with it. Individuals with Asperger’s syndrome can exhibit a variety of ... Read More »

Can Homeopathy Treat Gall Bladder Stones?


The gall bladder is a sac under the liver that stores bile. Bile is produced by the liver. After meals, the gallbladder contracts and releases bile into the intestines, which helps in digestion. The bile is stored in the gallbladder and over a period of time, it becomes more concentrated, which makes it better at digesting fats. Gall bladder stones occur when ... Read More »