Mild Homeopathic Medicines For Restless Souls


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a developmental and behavioral disorder in which a child or an adult consistently displays certain characteristic behaviors such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive attitude. ADHD has causes that have not been fully understood as yet and researchers are still exploring genetic linkage. Some other risk factors for developing ADHD include – Premature delivery, very ... Read More »

Kids In Their Own World, Cause Could Be Asperger’s Syndrome


Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by severe impairments in reciprocal social interaction, the use of language for social discourse, and a circumscribed interest in unusual subjects. A difference in cognitive and social-emotional skills that creates difficulty for an individual to understand their world and how to interact with it. Individuals with Asperger’s syndrome can exhibit a variety of ... Read More »

Can Homeopathy Treat Gall Bladder Stones?


The gall bladder is a sac under the liver that stores bile. Bile is produced by the liver. After meals, the gallbladder contracts and releases bile into the intestines, which helps in digestion. The bile is stored in the gallbladder and over a period of time, it becomes more concentrated, which makes it better at digesting fats. Gall bladder stones occur when ... Read More »

Why Do My Stomach React Every Time I Take Milk…Lactose Intolerance?

lactose intolerance

Rina was very tensed that nowadays every time her son takes milk, he would get a stomach upset. She was worried as to how to take care of her six years old son’s nutritional needs without feeding him milk. It was when she finally approached her family doctor who suggested certain tests and finally diagnosed her son to have Lactose ... Read More »

Just Go Bananas! And Fight Cancer


Surprised!! It is obvious and hard to believe that this small neglected fruit can prevent cancer. Banana is a great super food which provides us with energy, makes us feel full and provides our bodies with the needed essential nutrients. They are rich in a high amount of fibers, vitamins and natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose. Banana may ... Read More »

Is It Me Or My Hormones…


There are different hormones in the body having different functions, but they are all influenced by each other. All hormones work together like a symphony; if one part of the orchestra is not functioning properly, then the melody produce is out of tune. Hormones are chemical “messengers” that impact the way your body cells and organs function. From puberty to ... Read More »

The Tech- Savvy Sufferers?


Those who surf more, suffer more! Most parents of the 21st century amuse me with their parenting skills. Especially when they take pride in all the cool things their tech-savvy 3-year-old kid can do. Be it the ease with which it logs on to YouTube and views videos of its choice, the speed with which it clicks pictures; or the efficiency with which the kid crosses levels after levels on candy crush! It is more of a “Brain crush” in my ... Read More »

Aplastic Anaemia In Children

aplastic anaemia

Childhood is period typified by changes, both in the child and in the immediate  environment. Changes in the child related to growth and development through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Health and disease during the period from conception to adolescence must be understood against this backdrop of changes. This blog reviews the scope of Aplastic Anemia that affects children, with particular ... Read More »

Fatigued? Watch Out For Those Six Bad Habits


“Please don’t give me any work, I am feeling so tired today”; this is such a common phrase which we hear especially among individuals working in the corporate sector or businessman who are working under high-stress levels. There is nothing wrong in feeling tired after work, but if it lasts for a long time accompanied by lethargy and fatigue it ... Read More »