38 years old sales executive got completely cured of IBS with 8 months of homeopathic treatment at Life Force.

    A 38 years male Mr N.H.C (Patient Identification Number- 19393) visited Life Force on 4th July 2012 for the treatment of IBS.

    Mr N.C. was an emotional person working in a marketing company. His job was to sell products of the company he was working with. There were many instances when he had to face rejection and insult. These instances affected his sensitivity.

    He was working in that company since 5 years and in last 2 years he had developed the complaints of IBS. He had become an anxious person. Anytime he had to go out he used to feel pressure in abdomen and urge for stools. Gradually these complaints increased and he would pass stools 2-3 times before finally leaving out of house.

    He described his complaints as -"In last 6 months, I must have wasted half of my time in toilet." He had urge for stools for 8 to 10 times a day. He had constant pressure in lower abdomen with unsatisfactory stools.

    He also developed the complaints of knee joint pain since 4 months. He was depressed with all these complaints as he had tried conventional as well as ayurvedic medicines with little improvement. He was becoming hopeless.

    His complaints used to get aggravated after spicy and sour food and he used to feel better after taking fresh fruit juices.

    He came to know about Life Force and Dr Shah through internet. He was impressed with our informative website.

    His case details were noted by Dr Shah and he was prescribed constitutional as well as research based medicines. At the end of case taking he remarked that he felt better and was confident of improvement.

    At 2 months follow up (September 2012) He was extremely happy to report with 40% improvement in terms of number of stools which was reduced to 4-5 times a day. The constant pressure in abdomen had reduced. The complaints of joints pain had reduced by 20%.

    At 4 months follow up (November 2012) He reported with 50% overall improvement. He was able to do his work with more confidence. His medicines were continued.

    At 6 months follow up (January 2013) He reported with 80% improvement in 6 months time. Patient was very happy that the number of stools had reduced to 2-3 times a day that too particularly in the morning. At other times the urge had gone and the pressure in abdomen was completely better. His complaints of joints pain had reduced by 60%.

    At 8 months follow up (March 2013) He reported with 90% improvement overall. He used to get these complaints once in a week only when he had some emotional disturbances but he was able to manage the situations very well. He thanked Dr Shah. He was advised to continue medicines for another 4 months for complete recovery.

    Uploaded by Dr S.B. on 21st August 2013

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