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My mother was sick with Lichen Planus and couldn't find any treatment here in Albania in several doctors.

I'm from Albania and I'm glad to be your friend on Face book. My mother was sick with Lichen Planus and couldn't find any treatment here in Albania in several doctors. My sister was looking in internet about this diagnose and find the page of Dr. Shah and Lifeforce Homeopathy. Thanks to them, my mother is taking medicine and is healed, happy and we all are very glad and grateful. Thank God we are so near because of internet. God Bless you Dr. Shah. Respectfully Ajkana from Tirana, Albania and Family --Une jam nga Shqiperia dhe jam e gezuar te jem shoqja juaj ne Facebook. Nena ime ishte semure me Lichen Planus dhe nuk mundi te gjeje trajtim mjekesor ketu ne Shqiperi ne disa mjeke. Motra ime po veshtronte ne internet rreth diagnozes dhe gjeti faqen e Dr. Shahut dhe LifeForce Hoemeopathy. Fale tyre, nena ime eshte duke marre mjekime dhe eshte sheruar, e lumtur dhe ne te gjithe jemi shume te gezuar dhe mirenjohes. Faleminderit Zotit, ne jemi kaq afer prej internetit. Zoti ju Bekofte Dr. Shah.

R. V. I., India

I RVI, from India, was suffering from Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis. Since last 20 years I was suffering from psoriasis, I had reddish patches all over the body. They were extensive and caused severe itching and scaling of the skin. I would always feel chilliness in my body and there was this constant feverish feeling. Despite a lot of Allopathic medicines like steroids, methotrexate and cyclosporine, there was only temporary relief. In fact I started developing severe swelling and stiffness in my joints involving the hands and was informed by my Dr that I was developing Psoriatic Arthritis, which is one of the complications of Psoriasis. Mentally I was shattered and frustrated as these strong Allopathic medicines failed to give me any significant relief. I was losing hope of ever having a healthy skin and a normal life. Within 5 months of starting Dr Shah`s treatment, the psoriasis was still the same how ever there was significant relief in my joint pains, swelling was much better. With pain reducing I calmed down a bit however I was still worried as I was still getting the skin rashes. Within 7 months of treatment, I started seeing lot of improvement in my psoriasis, the itching was much less; the scaling of skin reduced and there were no new spots of Psoriasis. There was further improvement in my joint pains. The pain and swelling reduced by I can say almost 90 %. I am very thankful to Dr Shah for helping me have a healthy skin and regaining back my hope.

R. K., Father of D. K., USA

My son is doing well with the treatment. The nephrotic syndrome is in remission. We believe that your medicine is helping him to stay in remission. Thanks a lot Dr Shah.


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