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R. N. H, India

I (PIN no.: 17258) approached Dr Shah for my Vitiligo problem; I had white spots since last 4-5 months which were gradually spreading. After a detailed case analysis by Dr Shah where I also mentioned about having migraine since last 12 yrs and I thought I could never get rid of it as it I had a family history of Migraine. I also shared my stresses with Dr Shah. Within 3 months of starting the treatment, I have had significant improvement in my migraine and the spread of Vitiligo is under control as well. I want to thank Dr Shah for the moral support. I would also like to thank Dr Shah for the time spent while on my visit to the clinic, for taking interest in my problem and helping me deal with my stressful situation and counseling me. I felt motivated and could take rational decision.

Ms. P. K - Mumbai, India - Atopic Dermatitis

Our daughter had Eczema since she was about 6 months old. We tried lots of other treatments but got no relief. She had very severe itching and eruptions all over the body and nothing seemed to relieve her off the Eczema. But after homeopathic treatment under Dr Shah, her Eczema improved very well and is a lot more better now. We are very thankful to Dr Shah for curing our daughter of the Eczema which she had since infancy.

Vijaya Kodre, Mother of Dev Kodre, USA

Visited to Dr. Rajesh Shah’s clinic for the first time regarding my son’s Eczema on 6th June, 2008. Before Dr. Shah’s medication, my son was having severe red and flared patches on his both legs, especially behind the knee joints and also around waist. After starting treatment with Dr. Rajesh Shah just within two months my son’s Eczema started getting better, his rashes were completely gone and his skin became very soft. Now he has become a very happy kid, not cranky at all. And one of the major changes is that he started having a Good Night sleep!! Thank you very much Dr. Shah and thanks to his helpful staff and assistant Dr. Alpana.


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