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    Homeopathic remedies are nano-medicines administered in micro doses to stimulate the body's healing power, says Dr Rajesh Shah

    - Mumbai Mirror, Nov 23, 2009

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    “Dr Shah’s treatment is just a click away. …In 1995, Dr Shah started learning nuances of the Web. Now, he would treat five patients from five continents in a single session.”

    - Economic Times, March 14, 2008

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    “Dr. Shah has taught extensively in the UK, the US, the European union and Japan. At his clinic, Dr Shah constantly researches on finding newer molecules for chronic diseases, and designs innovative approaches and strategies.”

    - DNA, February 6, 2006

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    “Dr. Shah and his team demonstrated in a HIV clinical trial that viral load reduced and CD4 cells increased after administering new homeopathic medicines sourced from HIV virus.”

    - Business Line, May 27, 2015

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    “The next time you feel lazy about stepping out of your house to visit a homoeopath, just plug on to internet and contact him online.”

    - The Times of India, December 3, 1995

    The first news on the first medical website from India

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    Life Force Homeopathy symbolizes

    Experience, Expertise, Ethics 

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    Are you depriving yourself of the benefits of homeopathy?

    No more after reading this website!
    Explore the benefits of homeopathy

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    Dr Shah’s patients are pan-India,

    literally from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Godhara to Guwahati;
    from each state and city, and from thousands of villages as well.

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    Dr Rajesh Shah and his team have answered over million queries from patients across the globe

    Ask your query to Dr Shah, now! 

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    Check hundreds of case-studies of patients
    from across the world

    Cases of difficult diseases like Psoriasis, Lichen Planus,
    Asthma, Colitis, and many more..



Dr.Shah treating patients from 90 countries

The only Indian doctor to feature in the Limca Book for a record of treating patients in 77 countries and then breaking his own record by spreading to over 92 countries. The only homeopath who advises on personal health-queries to patients from over 150 countries explaining to them the role of homoeopathy. The only homeopath who set up over 14 websites devoted exclusively to homoeopathy.

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An interview with Dr. Rajesh Shah

Physicians are used to getting phone calls in the middle of the night. And rare is the dinner that isn't interrupted by a cell phone. For Mumbai-based Dr. Rajesh Shah, however, the emergency summons is just as likely to be through email... from anywhere in the world.

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Preventing Swine Flu, the Homeopathic way!

Homeopathic Swine Flu treatment should be administered along with the allopathic treatment, to get faster and more effective results

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Thanks to IT revolution, e-doctor phenomenon is on the rise

Rajesh Shah, a city-based homoeopath, surfs the net daily. He updates the nine sites he has posted on the world wide web on topics ranging from bronchitis to backache, and answers queries emailed to him from across the world. But Dr. Shah is nore than a web doctor. He's created an e-medicine data base for homoeopathy.

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Global Medicine : A Fast Evolving Reality

MRS. PRASANNA, a 57 year-old from Hyderabad, had been suffering form severe migraine headaches since many years. She tried many allopathic medicines but without any considerable benefits of respite. Her son Madhu, a software engineer with Microsoft in San Diego was obviously concerned.

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The Entrepreneurs

Dr Rajesh Shah needs no special mention. His work alone has earned him a place in the Limca Book of Records for the year 2001. Director of Homoeopathy India Foundation , he has treated patients from 77 countries .

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Doctors knit a virtual net

Rajesh Shah, a city based homeopath, surfs the Net daily. He updates the nine sites he has posted on the world wide web on topics ranging from bronchitis to backaches and answers queries e-mailed to him from netizens across the world at his ask your doctor webpage. But Shah is more than a web doctor - to him goes the credit of creating an e-medicine module for homeopathy.

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Online Cures

A WEBSITE launched by Dr Rajesh Shah three years ago had now been updated with video-conferencing facility, where a person can get free advice on homeopathy from a qualified doctor via his computer.

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