11 Foods to boost your Libido…your guide to aphrodisiacs

Food for boosting libidoLibido means the sex drive of an individual. Libido of an individual is determined by factors like biological, psychological and social factors. The food articles which increase the sex drive are called aphrodisiacs.

Biological factors deal with the sex hormones and their production in the body.

Psychological factors deal with many factors like harmony with the life partner, work pressure, stress levels etc.

Social factors deal with living in a joint family, availability of privacy etc. This factor is of a major concern in countries like India.

Healthy sex life of a couple reflects on their personal relations. The personal marital relationship gets affected adversely if one of the partners shows consistent lack of sex desire or libido.

Here we will see some foods, which are known to increase the libido in both men and women.

Yes, food does play a role in maintaining your libido. There are good and bad foods for libido. Lets talk about some good foods, which can easily boost your sex drive.

  1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in the Lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene is known to improve virility in men by maintaining good health of prostate gland. Tomato is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs.
  2. Ginseng: This is a Chinese herb known to increase libido in both men and women for hundreds of years. It is known to increase production of sex hormones, improve overall stamina and vitality of the body.
  3. Almonds and walnuts: These dry fruits contain the amino acids called Argenine. Argenine is known to increase and stimulate the blood flow which is very essential in both the partners during arousal. The essential fatty acids in almonds and walnuts produce enough of sex hormones in both men and women.
  4. Celery: Men should include celery in their daily diet. Celery can be eaten in the form of salad. It is known to contain a male hormone called androsterone. By eating more of celery more androsterone is secreted which in turn increases the libido in men.
  5. Nutmeg: This Indian spice is known as the aphrodisiac for thousands of years in Hindu literature and culture. Research has proved that it acts just like Viagra. It can be eaten by converting it to powder and mixing the powder with sweetened milk or other sweets.
  6. Pepper: Black pepper is known as the king of spices. Black peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. This compound is known to dilate the blood vessels, release the endorphins or the feel good hormones and increase the heart rates. Pepper can be eaten by sprinkling it on salads, pastas, pizzas and sandwiches.
  7. Avocado: This fruit contains lots of fatty acids, vitamin B6 and potassium in it. Fatty acids and vitamin B6 help in boosting up the production of male sex hormones. Potassium helps in regulating the thyroid gland in female.  Thyroid gland secretes the thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is directly associated with the physical strength and positive energy and happy attitude towards life in an individual.
  8. Ginger: Ginger has a warming effect in the body. It helps by increasing the testosterone level in males.
  9. Dark chocolates: Dark chocolates contain lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants keep the body healthy and fit. Dark chocolate also release lots of endorphins which are responsible for improved mood and increased pleasure.
  10. Cinnamon: This spice is known to increase libido in both males and females for centuries. Those couples who have diabetes can get exhausted very easily. They could be suffering from erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Their performance in bed gets affected due to these problems. Cinnamon reduces blood sugar and thus contributes in a way to increase the libido.
  11. Cardamom: Cardamom is known as the ‘queen of spices’. It has a unique fragrance and a unique taste. It is consumed by adding it to sweets as well as eating as a whole. Cardamom also acts as a very good mouth freshener. It helps by warming the body and increasing the blood flow.

This is all about the foods, which help in increasing the libido in both males and females. Couples must accommodate them in their kitchen and they should consume them for a good and healthy love life.


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