Homeopathy Medicines – Top 5 Myths

Homeopathy-MedicinesHomeopathy is a system of medicine which originated in Germany more than 200 years ago. Since then homeopathy has been used to treat varied diseases. It has been known among patients as something that treats the disease from the root without any side-

effects. People across the globe have different notions about this system of medicine. Here we bring you the Top 5 Myths about homeopathic medicines and their corrected facts that will throw better light upon Homeopathy:

1: Homeopathy Medicines Are Slow

FACT: The duration of action of homeopathic medicines depend upon the type of disease.

This myth has percolated amongst the people so much that homeopathy has become synonymous with SLOW, which is not the case. Diseases are broadly classified as acute and chronic. Acute diseases such as fever, cold, headache, infections and diarrhea etc, have definite causes. These causes include bacteria, viruses, sudden change in lifestyle, exposure to too much heat, cold and etc. Hence, when an appropriate remedy is prescribed, the ailment disappears in shorter duration since the disease is not deep seated in the body and has recently developed.

In case of long-standing diseases such as vitiligo, the disease takes years to develop and is deep seated. When the homeopathic medicine is prescribed, it instantly stimulates the healing powers of the body and corrects the imbalances in the immunity if any. It not only removes the disease but brings back the normal functioning of the organs and tissues. Hence, the effects are late to be seen but the patient has long-term relief.

2: Homeopathy medicines contain steroids

FACT: Steroids are NOT a part of homeopathy. Adding steroids to homeopathic medicines is a malpractice.

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources such as plants, animal products, metals etc. These medicines are used in high dilutions and undergo a procedure called potentization. Steroids bring instant relief in complicated diseases but bring a bunch of serious side-effects such as weight gain, increase in blood pressure, eye complications such as cataract, increased risk of infections, mood swings, weakening of bones, etc. Homeopathy is known to bring about subtle cure without any side-effects. This gives evidence that homeopathic medicines do not contain steroids since the side-effects of steroids are never seen after the administration of homeopathic medicines.

3: Foods like onion, garlic, tea and coffee must be avoided during homeopathic treatment

 FACT: There is no prohibition of onion, garlic, tea and coffee in homoeopathy.

At Lifeforce we do not advise patients to stop having these food items. A gap of half an hour is to be maintained between taking the homeopathic medicines and taking these food items. Patients are advised to rinse their mouth and have the homeopathic medicines. If this gap is not maintained, these substances reduce the absorption of medicine.

4: Homeopathy cannot treat acute infections, it can treat only chronic and recurrent diseases

 FACT: Homeopathy can effectively treat both acute and chronic/recurrent conditions.

During acute conditions like fever, headache, common cold and etc, body’s immune system is weak. Antibiotics and painkillers tackle the acute condition but do not enhance the body’s own defense mechanisms. It kills the causative organisms and treats the symptoms. That’s all.

On the contrary, Homeopathic medicines are prescribed considering more details of your illness. These medicines don’t just tackle the acute conditions well but also stimulate and boost body’s immunity and healing mechanisms. Hence, the patient gets cured of the acute illness in absence of any side-effects as well as his general health and energy is regained. He also develops heightened resistance to such infections in near future.

5: Anyone can prescribe Homeopathic medicines without a medical degree or sound medical knowledge.

FACT: Homeopathy is safe and best to be prescribed by the registered medical practitioner

Homeopathic medicines are not just prescribed based on your presenting symptoms or name of your disease. Every patient’s condition or disease first requires a definite diagnosis, determination of stage of disease and prognosis in the long run. A doctor who treats you, knows the nature of the disease well and starts your treatment accordingly.

Such high level of assessment can only be made by a person who has sound medical knowledge. Registered homeopathic doctors undergo 5 ½ years of medical training wherein they acquire sound medical knowledge and skills to treat the patients. Hence, taking medicines from people who just read homeopathic books is not only ineffective but dangerous also.

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