Top 5 Homoeopathic Remedies for Molluscum Treatment

molluscumDo you often get white pearl like painless eruptions on your face?

Are your kids getting affected with such eruptions on a regular basis?

Do these eruptions recur even after laser treatments and skin peels?

These eruptions can be molluscum contagiosum.

Molluscum is a small raised viral eruption which initially looks like a small pearl on the skin. Though usually self limiting, these are often found to be chronic and recurring. In some cases the molluscum may persist for more than 6 months. It may even grow bigger which usually is a cosmetic worry.

The molluscum is usually painless and occasionally itchy. It is firm and flesh colored initially with a dimple in the center. It gets red with time and may drain off later. As the name suggests, molluscum contagiosum spreads easily. The spread may be with direct skin to skin contact, contact with infected used linen, sexual contact with an infected person or on scratching it repeatedly.

Molluscum Treatment:

Conventional Treatment for Molluscum:

  • –         Local application: Astringents are used superficially to destroy the molluscum. Astringents are lotions that contract the skin. However, this only offers short term relief. They are bound to come back.
  • –         Surgery: Cryotherapy is used where liquid nitrogen is used to destroy the lesion by freezing and drying it. Other options include laser treatment and curettage. But there are chances of an inflammatory response and scarring after these procedures.

Homeopathic treatment for Molluscum:

Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole. Viral lesions are caused due to a deficient immune system. Homeopathy works on the natural immunity of the body, boosting it to fight against diseases.

Apart from it, homeopathy also reduces the frequency of the reoccurrence of the molluscum.

There are some common medicines which work wonders in cases of molluscum. Though homoeopathic medicines for molluscum are absolutely safe, but it is advisable to take these homeopathic medicines for molluscum under the supervision of the homeopathic consultant for best results.

  1. Silicea – Thin children with dimpled eruptions having a foul smelling fluid can be prescribed silicea. There is a tendency for slow healing process of the skin and the molluscum tend to linger longer than usual. These kids also have a tendency to develop pus filled eruptions and for the molluscum to leave scars.
  1. Thuja – Thuja is indicated for eruptions like molluscum and wart like eruptions that are found near the rectal region. Scratching the eruptions makes them worse. The eruptions that require Thuja are mostly found on the covered parts of the body with suppressed sweat.
  1. Sulphur – Sulphur when used in the potentised form is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for molluscum contagiosum. Sulphur is indicated when itching and burning making the condition worse. In patients requiring this medicine, the skin is rough with soreness in the folds of skin. Like Silicea, patients requiring Sulphur also have a tendency to form pustular eruptions. Dryness is a peculiar character as is a tendency for the complaints to be worse at night.
  1. Tuberculinum –Tuberculinum is one of the homoeopathic medicines for molluscum that is often given to stop the recurrence of the frequent molluscum.
  1. Kali Bromatum – Kali bromatum is one of the common homoeopathic remedies for eruptions beginning on limbs and extending over whole body, except face. The itching is often more at night and on getting warm. The eruptions are often cherry-red at their circumference, have an onion-peel color in centre, turn white on pressure or on exertion of the limb. Sensibility of the skin is overall diminished.

These common homoeopathic remedies for molluscum work very well when prescribed as indicated. To know how Dr Rajesh Shah’s research based homoeopathic remedies can help your treatment of molluscum contagiosum, do get in touch with us at LifeForce at +91-22-66888888 or Alternately, you can leave your contact details below to have one of our doctors’ get in touch with you.


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