What is Binge Eating Disorder?


We have all had times – whether at our cousin’s wedding or an outing with our friends – when we have hogged till our tummies threatened to burst. However, there are people who go through this experience regularly without any control. They are said to suffer from Binge eating disorder. What is Binge Eating Disorder? Binge eating disorder is a ... Read More »

Is it a Cold Sore or a Pimple?


“I have an important presentation tomorrow. I am nervous. I hope I do well because I am all set. And…….. What’s this? Oh my god…..a sore, red bump suddenly appearing right on my lip…. Is it a cold sore or a pimple?” Cold sores and pimples are two completely different skin conditions which can start off looking very similar. But ... Read More »

Why does my scalp itch – 5 Common causes of an itchy scalp


Do you often have to scratch your scalp? Does irresistible itching of the skin on your head put you in an awkward situation? Apart from the irritation that forces you to scratch, you may experience flaking, redness, scaling, discoloration or even hair loss. If you’re constantly scratching despite many anti-dandruff shampoos then it may be more than simple dandruff.  The ... Read More »

Does Pcos Put You At Risk For Diabetes?


PCOS – a common disease Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has become a common disease today in India as well as all over the world. Evidence through research says that about ten percent of the total female population is prone to suffer from PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome disturbs the endocrine system with the domination of male hormones. It results in symptoms ... Read More »

How to prevent recurrent ear infections in children


Ear infections are a very common affection in babies and young children. They often lead to sleepless nights both for the child and parents alike. If your child is getting recurrent ear infections, here are a few tips on how to avoid ear infections in your children: Take Precautions to avoid Infections: Most of the time ear infection occurs after ... Read More »

Why is weight loss difficult in PCOS Treatment?


Neha was highly depressed and stressed. She had been undergoing PCOS treatment since three years now. Though she was not so low because of irregular periods (the later the better, she thought) but the weight gain made her conscious. It made her feel uncomfortable attending social meetings and gatherings. She worked hard, but her constant unexplained weight gain made her ... Read More »

Do I have Anxiety Disorder Symptoms?


We have all felt butterflies in our tummy before an exam or a job interview or before speaking to a crowd. But are these instances of anxiety related to anxiety disorder symptoms? Do you need to seek help? What is Anxiety? Anxiety is part of our body’s normal flight-fright-fight response to any danger (real or perceived). When anxiety is present ... Read More »

What Is The Best Diet For Gout Treatment?


Hello folks! Today I will be writing about the best diet you can take if you are suffering from gout. A low Purine diet is predominantly advisable for the gout sufferers that will keep you away from that intense pain in the toes and other small joints. As an individual grows, you become prone to certain diseases at a certain ... Read More »

What do Swollen Tonsils mean?


Rahul often suffered from sore throat, burning pain in throat with difficulty while eating for days together. This not only affected his weight but he did not remain his usual chirpy, mischievous self. Rahul’s mother had to find a way out of her son’s recurrent agony. When Rahul’s mother visited their doctor, the condition was diagnosed as tonsillitis. So what ... Read More »