Role of homeopathy in the management of morning sickness

Homeopathy for morning sickness managementWhat is morning sickness?

Morning sickness means nausea and vomiting experienced by the pregnant woman anytime during the day during the first three months (trimester) of pregnancy. Morning sickness usually sets in during the first month and stays till 3-4 months. After 4 months of pregnancy, the symptoms of morning sickness usually disappear. But there are few women who suffer from morning sickness till the end throughout the pregnancy.

Treatment for morning sickness:

The gynecologist prescribes conventional medicine for controlling the symptoms. Medicines are usually stopped once the symptoms disappear. Similarly, homeopathy also offers effective medicines for controlling the problem. Depending on the types of symptoms like frequency of vomiting, whether nausea is more or vomiting is more, time of the day when the symptoms are experienced the most, depending on food cravings and aversion homeopathic medicines are prescribed to the patient.

Following medicines are found very useful for the management of morning sickness.

Ipecacunha: When the patient experiences severe nausea which is not relieved by vomiting. This medicine is indicated.

Colchicum: Patient cannot tolerate sight, smell or even thought of the food. Patient wants to lie down without movement. Slightest movement makes the symptom worse.

Likewise, medicines like Nux Vomica, Phosphorous, and Mag Phos give good results when indicated in the patient. Morning sickness is not a disease but only a symptom.

Generally, it is self limiting after 12-16 weeks. With help of homeopathy the symptoms are controlled well. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are very safe, effective, and harmless for both mother and the baby.


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