Case-2: My skin and confidence both are restored!

    A patient Mr. S.P.G. [PIN 12578] residing in Pune was referred by Dr Gholap.
    The patient was suffering from a severe form of chronic and complex tinea.

    He was suffering from Tinea Versicolor, Tinea Corporis and extensive Tinea Cruris.
    He was suffering from these complaints from the past fifteen years.

    The first symptoms appeared in the groin and the perineum and on the hips; they were very severe and extensive. No amount of anti-funagls really helped him. Gradually he developed lesions on the neck, waist, flanks and hands. He was miss-diagnosed as eczema and psoriasis. He had tried several doctors and several treatments. He was a pharmacist and so was well oriented with doctors and medicines.

    He experienced severe itching and discomfort. The symptoms would increase in the summer and after perspiration.

    fungal infection on face

    He had been prescribed several different medicines including anti-fungals like fluconazole, clotrimazole and Griseofulvin which helped temporarily, however the lesions kept increasing.
    He had also been prescribed steroid creams, which in-fact aggravated his symptoms.

    He had a craving for spicy and sweet food. He had profuse generalized perspiration. He was intolerant to the heat and summer season. He was more comfortable in the winters.

    He was an anxious type of person. He was a very dedicated pharmacist and he had his own medical shop. He had good relations with his family members. He was sympathetic and he was in a committee to provide medicines for the poor and the needy. They had a collection center where patients could deposit unused medicines which are then sorted, checked and distributed among the needy.

    He stayed with his wife and two children. His son was helping him in his business.
    He had suffered from Bell’s palsy in the past.

    Dr Shah examined him and took a detailed case review.
    He was prescribed Bacillinum 200 C and Kali Iod 30 C.

    The patient recovered completely in a period of one year.
    The skin came back to normalcy. The tendency of recurrence of fungal infections was eradicated.
    His skin in the groin had turned dark and hyper-pigmented, this came back to normalcy.

    The skin in the neck, flanks, and thighs restored very well.
    He has not required any anti-fungal cream or tablet so far.

    His skin and his confidence both are restored.

    fungal infection

    We have uploaded a few photos (groin photos have been with held)

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