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He has been developing Lichen Planus over and again almost every two years. He was having it for five years now without any remission.


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A young man of 29, presented with Lichen Planus on the legs, on both sides. The eruptions were thick, raised, dark brown with profound itching, worse at night. He had Lichen Planus as adolescence and which was treated with some creams containing steroids. He has been developing it over and again almost every two years. He was having it for five years now without any remission.

Case analysis and evaluation:
The following aspects were considered significant in his case:
He did not have any emotional stress connected with the development of Lichen Planus. His personality type was studied in depth. He claimed to be an aggressive kind of person with a great deal of irritability. He would shout and scream at those who contradict him.

He is a dominating person, and his wife labels him as a 'Hitler at home'! On detail study, it was revealed that he would express his anger and would like to dominate only on his subordinates and his wife. He was not equally aggressive with strangers and superiors.

He was understood to be a weak-minded and timid person. He had a fear of darkness and high places. He had dreams of terrible car accidents. He has a great craving for sweets and warm drinks and a strong dislike for onions, which gave him gastritis. He had a family history of Lichen Planus and cancer.

After a thorough case study, a remedy was given called Lycopodium Clavatum, also called Club Moss, which is a kind of fungus inhabiting moist places, especially in tropical and subtropical forests. Homeopathic medicine prepared from Club Moss, with a special technique called Potentization, was administered to him in various potencies (strengths) over the period of 18 months, which cured him completely of Lichen Planus.

He has not had remission to date. It is also interesting to note that the constitutional medication in this case also made him a cool-headed person with healthier emotions.

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