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Get A Complete Relief From Urticaria By Choosing Homeopathy

30-years-old an average looking female, Mrs. TSS (Patient Identification Number: 28453), who is a homemaker and mother of two children, visited the Life Force’s Borivali branch on 10th April 2016.

The young lady suffered from Urticaria (Hives) since three years. She used to develop eruptions every day all over her body that used to last until Anti-Histaminic medicine was taken by her. Eruptions used to reappear every day with intense itching, swelling, and redness of the parts. She had developed erythematous swelling at the sites of pressure. She had experienced one episode of Angioedema in the beginning of Urticarial episodes. 

She was dependent on Tablet Cetrizine (Anti-histamine) 10 mg for once daily since one year.

She had an average stature, and she used to have vegetarian as well as non- vegetarian diet. She had a strong liking for salty & spicy foodstuffs. She used to consume an average quantity of water. Her bowel habits were normal, passing satisfactory stools every day. She experienced certain discomfort & pain while passing urine, particularly after walking. She had a sound & refreshing sleep.

Her father had Hypertension, & her mother had developed Hypertension & Diabetes Mellitus over the years.

She was very confident & expressive lady, who was well-supported and settled in life.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed her one of the research-based medicines for six weeks.

After six weeks of treatment, on 7th June 2016, she came for her first follow-up. The frequency of eruptions had declined i.e. it used to appear on the body after the interval of two- three days. And, gradually, the frequency of taking Antihistamines was also reduced to once in three days.
After four months of treatment, on 27th August 2016, her tendency to develop erythematous swelling at the sites of pressure had declined gradually. The dosage of Tablet Cetrizine was tapered from 10 mg to 5 mg & frequency variable was tapered to once or twice in a week.

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After six months of treatment, on 1st October 2016, she used to develop eruptions once in a week & experienced the minimal intensity of itching.

After eight months of treatment, on 12th December 2016, no new eruptions reappeared on her body. And, now she took Tablet Cetrizine 5 mg for minimal itching once in five days

After ten months of treatment, on 7th February 2017, there was no appearance of new eruptions anymore. And, now she used to take Tablet Cetrizine 5 mg for minimal itching once in fifteen days

After eleven months of treatment, on 20th March 2017, she was free from Urticarial eruptions. And, she had stopped taking Antihistamines since one month.

Thus, with Dr. Shah’s treatment at Life Force Homeopathy, Urticaria was completely resolved by boosting the immunity of the patient who was dependent on Antihistamines for years. 


This case study highlights that the homeopathic treatment helps you obtain a great relief from the discomfort due to Urticaria and minimizes your dependency on antihistamines significantly.

-    Written by Dr. Karishma, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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