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A Chemistry Professor Cured Her Anxiety Disorder Completely With Homeopathy

A 40-years-old resident of Vashi, Mumbai, Mrs. N.M. (PIN 28634) visited Life Force on 6th May 2016 to treat her anxiety disorder that she was suffering for 15 years of her age. She used to suffer from anticipatory anxiety and feared to talk in public. She used to avoid new people, and she was having very few friends. She was shy and less confident. She suffered from the fear of death that started after the sudden death of her 2 colleagues. Being a teacher by profession, she needed to talk to her student's parents. However, she suffered from a marked fear to speak with parents. She used to get blank and tongue-tied. She used to avoid people and spend most of the time with books and development material. He had a nervous person with a fear to face people. All her complaints used to get worsened when there was a stressful situation in her professional life. She used to suffer from trembling and palpitation with heaviness and tingling in the head.

She used to take Allopathic medicines before meeting new people or speaking in a seminar for almost 2 years.

Along with Anxiety neurosis, she was also suffering from Metrorrhagia.

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Mrs. N. M. was a Non-vegetarian with an average appetite. She craved for Non-veg. She was intolerant to cold with disturbed sleep and had no complaints with her perspiration, bowel movements, or urination. She had an irregular menstrual cycle with complaints of irritability and abdominal pain before her menses. She had a nine-year-old daughter.

She was a Chemistry professor by profession. Her husband was doing the job in the stock market. She stayed with her husband and daughter.

Her mother suffered from irregular menses and her father from Chronic Hepatitis, Liver Cirrhosis, and Liver cancer.

She had not suffered from any major illnesses in the past.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Silicea 30c along with his research-based medicines for her anxiety neurosis.

Six weeks later, when she visited Life Force on 21st June 2016, her anxiety was better controlled and her condition was improved by 30%.

Another month and a half later, she visited on 9th August 2016 to report that her relief from anxiety was 70% better.

Gradually, her anxiety issues reduced significantly. And, another important thing is that her dependency on Allopathic medicines which she used to take before seminars and before meetings also reduced. Without taking any allopathic medicines, she started to perform well in seminars.

She visited Dr. Shah on 21st January 2017. Her anxiety was completely resolved. She had started feeling completely normal.

She also added that there had been a couple of stressful instances that she had come across but she did not get as anxious as before. Her complaints of trembling and palpitation with heaviness and tingling in the head were relieved completely.


This case study highlights that homeopathy helps gain better control over the anxiety and the physical complaints which are related to anxiety. The need of conventional medicines can be stopped in early diagnosed cases and can be reduced in cases wherein patients are dependent on conventional treatment for a long time. Since the Anxiety neurosis is treated on the basis of the genetic tendency and the constitutional type of the patient, the cure is supposed to be at a deeper level.

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