A Young Relationship Manager Of A Reputed Bank Got Quick & Effective Relief From Fissure In Ano And Piles

30-years-old Mr. NRP (patient identification number 30385) visited LifeForce Homeopathy Mulund clinic on 21st November 2016 for the treatment of fissure in ano and piles.

His complaints had started one year back, but before visiting LifeForce for almost one month he was suffering every single day. He used to experience bleeding from rectum while passing stools and after passing stools. He used to suffer from mild burning and itching sensation at anus for around 2-3 minutes after passing stools. He was working as a relationship manager in a reputed bank so due to his working hours his eating schedule was irregular. He used to eat more junk and spicy food. Due to this lifestyle, his complaints aggravated. He was takingThe patientlaxative and conventional medicines to stop bleeding as prescribed by surgeon. On examination, along with fissure in ano he also had Grade III piles at 3 O clock position and grade II piles at 7 and 11 O clock position. The patient was very disturbed as his daily routine was affected due to his complaints. The surgeon had advised surgery but patient was not willing for it. In past, he was operated for fistula in ano in 2009.

His mother suffered from piles, asthma, under active thyroid, and high cholesterol whereas his father was suffering from early stage dementia and arthritis.

He would prefer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. He would like to eat fish, chicken, and spicy food. He was sensitive to hot weather. He used to drink very less water due to his work pattern.

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His father was retired person and his mother was a housewife. Mr. NRP was working as a relationship manager in one of the reputed banks.

He was an extrovert, and he had jolly kind of personality. He was very talkative and friendly with everyone at the workplace. He was very affectionate and attached to his parents. He was worried about his father’s health as he was suffering from dementia. He had fear of water.

Dr. Shah analyzed the case in detail and prescribed Sulphur 30, Aesculus Hippocastanum 30, Collinsonia 30, Nitric acid 30, Hamamellis 30, and pulsatilla 30 along with research-based medicines.

On 3rd January 2017 after six weeks, patient visited for the first follow-up. He reported that there was not a single episode of bleeding after his homeopathic treatment started. There was around 80% improvement in relief from burning and itching sensation at anus. The patient was very happy with the treatment received. He stopped taking laxatives prescribed by the surgeon. Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines after analyzing the follow-up.

In February 2017, patient reported further improvement in fissure in ano and piles as well. The relief from burning and itching sensation at anus after passing stools was better by around 90% to 95%. There was no episode of bleeding. Patient continued the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah.

In March 2017, patient reported almost complete recovery in the symptoms of fissure in ano and piles. He mentioned that there was occasional itching at the anus after passing stools. He was satisfied with the treatment as he was symptom-free and started enjoying his life as before. He is continuing treatment with LifeForce for further complete recovery.


Diseases like piles and fissure in ano are troublesome in daily life of a person. They affect the quality of life of a person significantly. Above mentioned case highlights that the homeopathic treatment, when given under guidance of an expert, can help in avoiding surgery in mild to moderate cases of fissure in ano and piles.


- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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