Palmo-Planter Psoriasis Of 2 Years Got Successfully Treated With Homeopathy In Just 1 year

69-years-old female patient (PIN- 20469) reported at Life Force on 29 Dec 2012 for treating her psoriasis that she was suffering since two years. She suffered from eruptions on palms, sole, and nails with itching, scaling, and cuts in the spots. It was in the spreading stage. She was on Ayurvedic treatment since 6 months. And, she had taken conventional treatment for three months one year back.

The patient had underactive thyroid since 20 years, and the patient was on Tab Eltroxin 50 mcg.

The patient was having mixed diet, but her appetite was diminished. She likes to fish. Her thirst was average. She used to sweat occasionally. She was a chilly patient. Her bowels movements and functioning were satisfied. She had menopause 20 yrs back. She was having a sound sleep.

Patient is a housewife. Husband was in private job, and has retired now. Son is an accountant in the shipping company, and daughter is in marketing in the shipping company.

She was very talkative, anxious, and impatient too. She used to get angry easily. She liked cleanliness.

Patient had history of Ischaemic heart disease. However, she had no family history of any illness.

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She had Ayurvedic treatment and steroid treatment for three months for psoriasis, but did not experience significant, expected improvement. Her weight was 50 Kg and Blood pressure was 140/80.

After studying and evaluating her case in detail, she was prescribed with research-based medicine - psoriasis molecules 30, Twitch 30 and Petroleum single dose VM/1 for two months.

Then, she visited on 27th Feb 2013 with 10 % relief in her palmar psoriasis. She was prescribed with Psoriasis molecules - 30 and Twitch - 30 for 6 weeks.

When she visited on May 1, 2013, she reported almost 50 % relief in psoriasis. Her itching had got reduced to 50%. Patient was on Eltroxin 50 mcg since 1 year. Patient was also complaining burning in eyes. Doctor prescribed her Psoriasis molecules - 30 and Twitch - 30 for 6 weeks.

Later, patient visited on 13 June 2013. She was feeling almost 75% better in palmar complaints and 50% better in sole complaint. Her relief from burning in eyes was 100% better. Doctor prescribed her sac lac for 6 weeks.

Patient visited on 4th July 2013. However, this time her itching and palmar and sole eruption had started increasing since 15 days. So, doctor prescribed her Psoriasis molecules - 30 and Twitch - 30 for 6 weeks.

When the patient reported on Sep 3, 2013, her relief from itching was better and there was no spread in eruption. She was prescribed with Psoriasis molecules - 30 and Twitch - 30 for 6 weeks.

Patient reported on Oct 25, 2013 with 90 % relief in itching, eruption, and cracks. Doctor prescribed her Psoriasis molecules - 30, Twitch - 30, and Caps- 30 for 6 weeks.

After that, patient visited us on Jan 8, 2014, with 90% relief in itching and eruptions on palms and sole, cracks. But, she had general weakness. The doctor prescribed her psoriasis molecule 30, Twitch - 30, and some more research based medicine for 6 weeks.

In between, the patient suffered from joint pains. Patient visited us on March 28, 2014, for the same. She was prescribed with calc flour 30, RTX 30, and pain pill 30 for 6 weeks.

Later, when patient reported us on April 1, 2017, for fungal infection, she feels 100% better in relief from psoriasis and joint pain. After 2014 since three years, she suffered no complaints of psoriasis.


The case study highlights that homeopathic treatment can provide complete relief from Palmo-Planter Psoriasis without any concerns in a short time span.


- Written by Dr. Priyanka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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