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A 3.5-Years-Old Boy Got Recovered From Asthmatic Bronchitis Quickly With Homeopathy

A 3.5-years-old boy from Airoli, Master A.M.P. (PIN 29629) reported at Life Force with his parents on 29th August 2016. He was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis from the last 2 years. The frequency of his attacks was 2-3 times/month, and the episode would last for 1 week. According to his parents, the disease was progressing since the last 1 year as far as the frequency was concerned. His acute episodes used to start with cold, running nose, alternate nose block, dry cough, and then make him suffer from breathlessness. Also, he used to suffer from nausea and vomiting along with the episodes of breathlessness. Most of the times, his cough used to end in vomiting. Wheezing was marked in every episode.

The episodes were more frequent in the rainy season than usual. During acute episodes, he used to feel better after vomiting. Whenever he used to fall ill, he was subjected to allopathic medicines in the form of antibiotics and nebulizers.

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His mother was concerned about his average appetite and weight. She reported that, because of the disease and its conventional medicines, he was not able to gain weight. He weighed just 12.7 kilograms, and he had not gained any weight in the last 1 year. (Ideally, he should have weighed around 15 kilograms). The patient had an average intake of water and food and excessive craving for fish, egg, & chicken. He had a strong aversion to sweet.

The patient was a playful child, and he had a good bonding with his friends. He would happily share his toys with his friends. He was attached to his mother. He was jealous of his sibling (elder sister). Often, he used to get short-tempered if his wishes were not fulfilled. He had a very good memory related to academics. 

There was a history of diabetes in his family (grandfather). His father had Asthma, & grandmother had Osteoarthritis. The patient never had any major illness in his past.

Patient’s case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah, and he was given Calcarea Phosphorica (Calc phos) along with research-based molecules for 1.5 months.

In Oct 2016, the patient’s father reported that the patient was suffering from a cold & cough continuously since 1 month. The patient had taken the conventional treatment & Nebulization (for 5 days) along with homeopathy to tackle with the episode.

On 25th November 2016, the patient’s father reported that the patient was better by 40 % as far as the intensity of his asthmatic bronchitis was concerned. His wheezing had reduced considerably. He had experienced just one milder episode from the last 6 weeks, and it settled down with homeopathic medicines. He had Budecort &Duolin (steroid) nebulization daily twice.

On 14th January 2017, patient’s father reported that the patient was further better. The intensity of asthmatic bronchitis has reduced. He was symptomatically better. His mouth breathing had reduced considerably. He suffered no episode since the last 1.5 months. No nebulization was given to him.

On 6th March 2017, the patient’s father reported that the patient was further better. His wheezing, nose block, sneezing, and heavy breathing had reduced. He was symptomatically better. He was suffering from a new complaint of difficult expectoration from the last 2-3 days. No nebulization was given to him.

In the last week of 25th April 2017, parents of the patient reported over the phone that patient did not have an episode of cold, cough, or breathlessness in 2 months and that they had stopped all his conventional treatment. The relief from Bronchitis complaints was better by more than 80% than earlier. There was a difficult expectoration. He didn’t suffer from nausea and vomiting anymore.

Patient’s mother was very happy, and she said that his appetite has improved. On examination, there was an increase in weight by 1 kilogram.


Homeopathy enhances self-healing mechanism of the body, and simultaneously makes a positive impact on various functions of the body. This case verifies it as the child recovered wonderfully from Asthmatic Bronchitis as well as gained a proper appetite by following the homeopathic treatment. The child had not gained weight in the last 12 months, however, with the proper homeopathic treatment, there was an all-around improvement with the restoration of health and a normal weight gain. 

- Written by Dr. Dhanashree, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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