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Hyperthyroidism Successfully Treated At Life Force Within 6 Months

A 29-years-old lady patient (with PIN – 29837) reported at Life Force on September 21, 2016 for treating her Hyperthyroidism which she was suffering since 3 months. The patient was having a swelling on neck with swallowing test positive. The patient is asymptomatic.

Thyroid profile (2.7.2016) shows-

T3- 2.5 WNL

T4- 160 WNL and

TSH- Less than 0.005

CT Scan Neck (9.8.2016)- Bulky thyroid gland with multiple heterogeneous nodules suggesting features of multinodular goiter. Sub-centimetric bilateral level 1b lymph nodes seen. Advice TSH & FNAC correlation. Also Bilateral maxillary sinusitis.

O/E- No diffuse thyroid tenderness


- Swallowing test positive

She also suffered from sinusitis since 2-3 yrs. She only suffered from the sensation of coryza, but no nasal discharges. Her complaints were increasing on exposure to the draft of air in the months of winter.

CT Scan Neck (9.8.2016)- Mucosal thickening seen in bilateral maxillary sinuses (Left > Right). Bilateral maxillary sinusitis.

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Patient is having a mixed diet. She was having an average appetite. She loves eating spicy food more than other foods. Also, she likes sweets, fish, and fruits. She doesn't like eggs. She was having less water intake, by drinking only 1 lit/ day. Her perspiration is average. The patient cannot tolerate cold, and she is a chilly patient. Her bowels were satisfactory. She was having regular menses. She had an average physical structure.

Her sleep is sound. She had dreams of snakes.

The patient is a housewife. Her husband is a mechanical engineer. She is having two kids, her one son is 7 years old and the other son is 2 years and 5 months old.

The patient had happy childhood and she is having a happy married life. The patient gets irritable easily. She is always expressing her anger. She weeps easily. She experiences anxiety before meeting new people. She has a low confidence level.

No history of illness in family.

No treatment is taken in the past.

Her weight was 51.5 kg, and her BP - 110/70.

After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her Nat mur- 30, Iodum -30 and calc Iod- 30 for 6 weeks.

The first follow-up was given by the patient on October 20, 2016. Patient was experiencing 50 % improvement in the relief from swelling on neck. And, her sinusitis problem was as it is like having sensation of coryza. But, she had no episode of cold. The doctor prescribed her Nat mur (VM/2) -30, Iodum - 30 and calc Iod- 30 for 6 weeks.

Then, the patient again visited for follow-up on December 20, 2016. Dcotor gave her the same set of medicines.

On February 6, 2017, the patient reported for the next follow-up. Her swelling on neck was 70% better. She had no episode of cold. A new complaint that the patient mentioned was continuous daily eructation since 3-4 months. The doctor prescribed her Nat Mur (VM/2) -30, calc Iod- 30, Iodum-30 and Carbo veg- 30 for 6 weeks.

Patient reported again on March 30, 2017, for a follow-up. The swelling on her neck was 75 % better. Expectoration of white phlegm was also 50% better. Her hair fall which was increased in between also got 50% reduced. Her eructations were reduced to 50%. The doctor prescribed her Nat Mur (VM/2)- 30, Calc Iod- 30, Iodum- 30 and Carbo veg- 30 for 6 weeks.

Patient is still under our treatment.


Hyperthyroidism is successfully treated with homeopathy at Life Force within 6 months of treatment.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka P, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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