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Homeopathy Provided Outstanding Results In Treating Molluscum Contagiosum

A five-year-old preschooler boy, Master NVA (Patient Identification Number:26811) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 21st September 2015.

The smart kid had developed Molluscum Contagiosum around his eyebrows, cheeks, and forehead since three months, & it was gradually spreading all over his body. He had developed seven spherical eruptions & was asymptomatic having no burning & itching.

He also suffered from vitiligo since 2013 & adenoids since 2012.

This fair looking boy had an average stature. He used to consume both vegetarian and non- vegetarian diet. He had an average appetite, & he used to consume an average quantity of water. He was having strong liking for spicy & sweets foodstuffs. He passed satisfactory stools every day. He enjoyed sound & refreshing sleep.

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He had one episode of measles when he was one-year-old.

His paternal uncle & maternal great grandmother were suffering from vitiligo.

He was very intelligent & mischievous kid.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed him one of the research-based medicines.

After twelve months of treatment, when he visited us on 18th August 2016, there were no eruptions & neither further spread in the old eruptions of Molluscum contagiosum.

After 20 months of the treatment, when he visited us on 25th April 2017, he did not suffer from Molluscum since 4-5 months and his old eruptions had also faded away gradually.


Homeopathy has a broad spectrum in treating various skin ailments in a holistic, safe, and reliable way.


  • Written by Dr. Karishma, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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