An example of skin Lichen Planus worsened due to suppression with steroids making life difficult and adding to the stress.

Mrs. M. S., the a forty-eight years old lady (Patient reference no.: 5316), had an itching sensation with red spots around the ankle about 5 months before she reported to us. She consulted a skin specialist for this and he prescribed her some ointment but it continued to spread to the knees. Within a month, it increased and spread to the upper and lower limbs and scalp. A biopsy diagnosed the condition as Lichen Planus and she was given steroids (Prednisolone) for about 6 weeks it helped her for a couple of days initially but later the lesions appeared all over the body with intense itching and burning. Stress and lack of sleep were the factors that worsened her state.

In the meantime, she also developed Shingles (Herpes zoster) due to low body resistance and was prescribed antibiotics for the same.

There was no history of lichen planus or any other major illness in the family.

She also had hypothyroidism for 10 years and was on Eltroxin (Thyroid supplement) for the same and apart from this, there was no history of any other major illness in her past. She had had a hysterectomy 13 years ago and her ovaries had been removed 7 years ago. She also had complaints of backache and varicose veins since her delivery 25 years back.

She was a vegetarian, with a craving for all vegetarian, south and north Indian foods.

She would like winters and a less humid climate. Her appetite and bowel movements were normal. She would sweat normally previously but after the removal of her ovaries, she would sweat excessively. She would not get good sleep and would keep awake until 2-3 am.

She was a housewife and stayed with her husband and twin daughters. She had no other major stress as such except that she was worried about the marriage of her daughters. She was cheerful in general, but after her marriage, she had feelings of being exploited, misunderstood, and neglected; she would react by crying or shouting at such times. Reading was the only hobby that she pursued.

Based on this case history, she was prescribed Thuja 200 for her Lichen planus. There was an improvement in itching and burning within 2 weeks and the lesions gradually started reducing. Within four months of treatment, her lesions had settled down. The next course of four months medicines helped further. A few new eruptions that came on her palms and hands also improved within the next two months. With a total course of 8 months, the lichen planus lesions all over the body had settled down completely, and the hyperpigmented spots also lightened. There was no itching or burning. Her body-ache was also better.

This case illustrates, that steroids may help temporarily but they suppress the ailment, which aggravates the disease on discontinuation of steroids. Steroids also lower your immunity making you more susceptible to other diseases whereas homeopathy treats at the root level, eradicating the Lichen Planus from the system without any side effects in the shortest time duration and effectively.

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