Life Force’s Homeopathy For Atopic Dermatitis Gifts An Itch-Free Life To A Lady

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36-years-old Mrs. AAS (PIN 30076) visited Life Force’s Mulund clinic for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in October 2016.

Her complaints had started in 2015. Initially, she used to suffer from severe itching on the arms, forearms, legs, and lower abdomen followed by red, raised, and dry eruptions. Due to severe itching, there would be oozing and crust formation on the eruptions. She used to suffer from the burning sensation due to scratching. After healing, the rash used to leave hyperpigmented spots over the affected area. Her complaints started after some conflicts in her family due to which she used to be under a lot of stress. Her eruptions used to get aggravated in the winter season. Eating a fish or chicken, sitting idle, and mental stress would aggravate her eruptions. She used to feel better whenever she used to be occupied with work.

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Due to severe itching, she used to get irritated. She tried homeopathic treatment from a local homeopath, but she got no significant relief. She was applying Betnovate Ointment (betamethasone: topical steroid) and was taking Tablet Atarax daily for 2 weeks, but she experienced just a partial relief with it.

She also suffered from the associated complaints of a headache and hair fall.

In her family, her mother suffered from diabetes and her sister had an underactive thyroid.
She used to love to eat and would always prefer having non-vegetarian food. She used to like spicy food, eggs, chicken, fish, and meat. She had an aversion to vegetables and sweets. She was sensitive to the extremes of temperature.

She was staying with her husband and 4 kids i.e. 2 sons and 2 daughters. All her kids were school-going. Her husband had his own transport business.

Her husband was dominating. Her in-laws had a lot of expectations from her as she was the eldest among all the daughters-in-law. There used to be frequent conflicts and fights in the family. She used to overthink and brood over whatever that had happened. She had a fear of being alone and fear of the dead bodies. She was under a constant stress due to ill-health of her younger daughter who suffered from epilepsy.

After a detailed analysis of the case as per the homeopathic protocol, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines.

After one and a half months on 26th November 2016, the patient reported about 50% improvement in the relief from atopic dermatitis. She mentioned that her relief from itching was 80% better. Oozing and burning had completely stopped. She had stopped applying the topical steroids. She continued the medicines that were prescribed by Dr. Shah.

In February 2017, Mrs. AAS reported 75% improvement in atopic dermatitis. Her discomfort due to the itching had reduced significantly. She mentioned that she gets itching whenever she sits idle, but the intensity was very less than before. There was no scaling or watery discharge from the eruptions.

In June 2017, the patient happily reported that she experienced 90% improvement in her condition. She no more suffered from itching, scaling, or dryness. The only thing left was post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. She is still continuing the homeopathic treatment with Life Force for the further improvement.


If atopic dermatitis is treated with the local application of creams or ointments on the skin by assuming that it is a superficial skin disease, then it may prove ineffective in the long run. Atopic dermatitis needs to be tackled at a deeper level in order to treat it from the roots. This is best done with the homeopathic treatment. 

- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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