Hydradenitis Suppurativa Patient Got 100% Relief In 10 Months of Homeopathic Treatment

A young guy, who was working as a research analyst in a reputed company, (Patient identification number: 28854) visited Life Force on 31st May 2016 with complaints of hydradenitis suppurativa that he was suffering since the last two years. He mentioned that there were boils erupting in his axillae and groins every week that would last for a fortnight. The boils were painful, reddish, and filled with pus. The discomfort due to the boils was also accompanied with fever and body ache, which would really make his condition miserable. The latest episode had occurred a week back for which he had taken a course of antibiotics. Currently, he was asymptomatic. But, the episodes were occurring quite frequently and now they were hampering his work routine and quality of life. He always need to take antibiotics to resolve the boils. 

On inquiring more about his health condition, the patient mentioned that he had undergone a surgery to drain out the pus as it was not responding to higher antibiotics and there had been the formation of a sinus track. On referring to the blood work reports, all parameters were found normal.

Investigations (27.4.2016)

1) HBaAg- Non reactive

2) HCV: Non reactive

3) VDRL: Negative

4) HIV Elisa: Non reactive

5) BSL (F): 72

- BSL (PP): 95

Family History

The patient had a strong family history of autoimmune diseases. His father was suffering from diabetes and leucoderma, and his paternal grandfather and uncle also had leucoderma.

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Past History- The patient did not suffer from any major illness in the past.

Self And Family Set-Up

He belonged to a humble family consisting father, who was a chemist, mother, who was a housewife, and a sister, who was a ENT surgeon. He had cordial relations with everyone in the family.

By nature, he described himself to be caring and diligent. He had a nervous temperament. He suffered from a performance anxiety with sweating and coldness of the palms.


Dr. Shah reviewed his case in detail and educated the patient regarding the rare autoimmune disease. Other investigations were advised to the patient in order to rule out the other possible causes. He was prescribed medicines for six weeks and was advised to follow hygiene measures.


The patient called-up for his first follow-up on 27th July 2016. He happily mentioned that he did not have any boil in the axillae or groins in the past month. This recovery continued till the month of March 2017.

He was completely asymptomatic till March 2017, after which there was a recurrence of a boil on the thigh. It was less intense in nature, and the patient did not have any constitutional symptoms, such as fever and headache. Further medicines were prescribed to him. The recent follow-up noted on call on 4th July 2017 revealed that there was no occurrence of boils after March 2017.


This case highlights an outstanding example of recovery with homeopathy in hydradenitis suppurativa. This condition is not as simple as it appears. The recovery pace prominently depends on the immune status of the patient that is triggered with homeopathic medicines to such a level where the medicines help the affected body to heal on its own. Homeopathy is strongly recommended as the first-line of treatment for hydradenitis suppuratiuva and also in the cases where many higher antibiotics have failed to give a relief.  


  • Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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