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Palmoplantar Psoriasis Cured By 80% & Childhood Allergic Rhinitis Cured 100% With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 35-years-old man (PIN - 26824) working in a government sector visited Lifeforce on 22nd September 2015 for treating his Palmoplantar psoriasis. He was suffering from psoriasis since the last 9 months. It started with a small spot on the right sole which started itching. His sole was 60% covered with psoriasis and palms were 40% covered with psoriasis lesion. He had a hardness in the skin over the lesion that suffered from itching. But, there was no scaling. The itching was more in afternoon, evening, and in the cold weather. Also, he had cracks in his sole and palms. The patient had Inj Kanacort (Steroid ) 4 mg in Jan 2015. And, he was using Halovate ointment, sorovate ointment (steroid ointment) since Jan 2015 to April 2015. The patient had Ayurvedic treatment for 2 months, but it did not help him much. Also, he had homeopathic treatment Ars alb - 30, Petroleum - 30 for 3 months with a little improvement. He had Vitamin A injectables twice. 

The patient was also suffering from allergic rhinitis since childhood. The episode used to last for 15 days. It was used to occur once in 3 months. The patient suffered from continuous sneezing and running nose during the episode. Complaints were more aggravated in the early morning, cold weather, and due to dust. He needed antibiotics and antiallergic every 3 months.

The patient had a mixed diet, mostly non-vegetarian food, with an average appetite. He liked spicy food, chicken, and fish more than other foods. He also liked milk, fruits, and eggs. He was taking an average amount of water. The patient was comfortable in the cold weather. His bowels were satisfactory. And, he enjoyed a sound sleep.

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About Self and Family:
He was a clerk in Mumbai University, and his wife was working as a nurse in a maternity hospital.

The patient was very shy. He was fastidious, as he wanted things to be in proper place. Occasionally, he used to get irritated. His childhood was not happy. But, there was no stress now.
He had a history of oligospermia, but now sperm count was within normal limits.

He doesn’t have a family history of illness.

His weight was 62 Kg and blood pressure was 108/70.


After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Psoriasis molecule - 30 for 6 weeks.

On November 2015, the patient visited for his first follow-up. His hardness in skin lesion was 50 % better and cracks were 75% better. His allergic rhinitis complaint was 75% better. The doctor prescribed him Psoriasis molecule - 30 for 6 weeks.

Within a few months of treatment, the patient’s psoriasis was almost 75 % better but his allergic complaint was increasing. Hence, the doctor advised him allergy test which showed IgE- 846 High. So, on 21st May 2016, the doctor prescribed him Abrain - 30 for 6 weeks. 

In July 2016, the patient came with almost 90% improvement in psoriasis, except for some mild cracks and dryness in skin. And, his allergic rhinitis complaint was also 75% better. So, the doctor prescribed him Abrain - 30 for 6 weeks. 

After a few months in August 2016, the patient reported with a mild increase in psoriasis on soles with itching. His dryness in skin had also increased. But, he had better relief from allergic rhinitis. The doctor prescribed him Petroleum - 30 two doses and some researched based medicine for 1 month.

In Dec 2016, the patient was 75% better from psoriasis on the sole. But, the itching on sole was the same. Dryness was a little better. He was not having any allergic episode. The doctor prescribed him some research-based medicine for 2 months. 

In Feb 2017, the patient visited for a feedback. And, his relief from psoriasis was improving. On palms, it was almost better and on soles, it was 75% better, as the patient was still having some itching in soles. But, he suffered no allergic episode in the last 4-5 months. The doctor prescribed him Desi - 30 two doses and some more research-based medicine for 2 months.

When the patient visited in July 2017, his relief from psoriasis was almost 75% better, he had only some itching and dryness in soles. He had no more cracks on sole, and his palms were 100 % better. And, his allergic complaint was also 100% better. The doctor prescribed him Mezerium - 30 two doses and some more research-based medicine for 2 months. 

An autoimmune disease like psoriasis and resistant allergic rhinitis can be treated effectively and simultaneously with homeopathy. As in both the conditions person’s immunity gets affected, homeopathy is an appropriate and effective treatment for it as homeopathy helps enhance a person’s immune system substantially.

Before photos - Date: 22.9.2015                                         

After Photo Date: 3.7.2017

-Written by Dr. Priyanka P, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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