Bell’s Palsy Patient Got Great Results In A Few Months With Homeopathy

A 33-years-old lady, Mrs. S. S. (pin no- 29657) consulted at Lifeforce for her complaints of Bell’s palsy on the 31st August 2016. She was suffering from the complaint of Bell’s Palsy since 6 months. The patient was facing many symptoms, such as watering of the left eye, weakness of left facial muscles, deviation of the left corner of the mouth, drooling of saliva, inability to hold air in the left cheek, and difficulty in chewing the food. Her complaint used to start with the left ear ache with small boil like eruption on external ear pinna then progress to drooling from lips, watering from eyes and difficulty in chewing appeared. Apart from these, she was also suffering from vitiligo complaint. She had taken allopathic medicine for both complaints.

She was non-vegetarian by diet. Her appetite and thirst were average. She desired to have sweet foods. Her perspiration was profuse on face and forehead. Her bowel movements were satisfactory. Her sleep was sound. Her menses were regular.

She was CA by profession. Her husband was working in the same firm. She had a 4-months-old daughter. 

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In her past history, she had gestational diabetes and some ear complaint, and in her family history, her father was suffering from IHD and hypertension. Her maternal uncle had blood cancer. 

Dr. Shah studied her case and he prescribed her Gelsemium 30.

On 10th November 2016, she gave her first follow-up. Her complaints had started to show improvement in terms of relief. She reported 50% improvement in the relief from watering of left eye and deviation of the left corner of the mouth. She got 25% improvement in relief in her other symptoms.

Patient gave her next follow-up on 11th January 2017. This time her condition was under control. A few symptoms, such as watering of the left eye and twitching of left corner of the mouth, were a little bit aggravated, so Dr. Shah did the required changes in her prescription.  

A few months later, on 3rd April 2017, she gave her follow-up. Her condition was under control. Her aggravated symptoms were showing 30% improvement in relief. Overall, she was better. The patient has started the treatment for vitiligo complaint too.

The patient gave her next follow-up on 9th May 2017. Her relief from Bell’s Palsy complaint had improved by more than 80%. A few symptoms were showing 30% improvement. Her vitiligo had improved by 10%, and the patient was satisfied with the results.

She gave her next follow-up on 3rd July 2017. Some of her symptoms had totally relieved. A few symptoms showed 80% improvement in relief, and a few showed 30-40% improvement in relief. Overall, she was getting positive results.

The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement.


This case study highlights that homeopathic medicines offers a great relief from the symptoms and discomfort due to Bell’s Palsy in a short time span without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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