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Homeopathy Gifts A Great Relief To A Patient Of Muscular Dystrophy

A 36-years-old resident of Sola, Ahmadabad, Mr. N.P. (Patient Identification Number 29086) started treatment with Life Force for his Muscular Dystrophy on 24/6/2016. His complaints had started 10 years back, but the disease progressed gradually. The last year in April 2016, Molecular diagnosis showed that the condition is Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1.

One day, his complaints started with slipping down while getting up from the chair. He had been suffering from proximal muscular weakness. He used to get easily tired on walking long distances. He would need support to ascend and descend the stairs and to get up from the sitting posture. He was suffering from pain in both the knee joints with the tendency to fall in front while walking. Also, he suffered from facial weakness with wasting of temporal muscles. He suffered muscle wasting of forearm and lower extremities.

Besides this problem, he suffered from pleural effusion, constipation, and typhoid in the past. 

His mother was diabetic, and his maternal grandfather had cancer and diabetes.

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He was vegetarian by diet. His appetite was average, and he had a strong liking for salty and spicy things. He had an average built with dark complexion. His thirst was normal. He had tendency to sweat profusely.

He was sensitive to extremes of both the climates. He mainly preferred winter season, as he was a hot patient.

He was working in his family bricks manufacturing business. He was staying in a joint family with his brother and parents.

Throughout his childhood, he was well-supported but he was very short-tempered. He couldn’t tolerate injustice. He would hit the opposite persons, when he used to get violent.

He had an addiction of smoking of cigarette, but he had quit it 15 years back. However, now he takes pan once in a month.

With all these case details, the case was analyzed by Dr. Rajesh Shah on 24/06/2016. He prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicines.

On the first online follow-up dated 21/9/2016, the patient had experienced a slight change in the complaints. He had the complaint of a new problem of back pain since one month. The doctor advised him to follow the proper diet along with having the vitamin D3 and calcium supplements regularly. Also, doctor advised him to go for physiotherapy along with our medicines.

On 12/12/2016, during his second follow-up again his complaints had obtained relief by 20%. He was happy that in a very short period he was experiencing improvement progressively.

During his treatment, he had one accident in which he suffered an injury to his head and leg. So, there was 1/2 months gap in his medicines, but then he had personally visited Chembur Branch to meet Dr. Shah on 14/7/2017. At that time, his muscular weakness and pain in legs had reduced up to 30 %. He was so pleased with the improvement as his new complaint was also subsided.

On his last follow-up, he had visited Chembur branch for his daughter’s treatment. Now, his proximal weakness, facial weakness, pain in legs, and tendency to fall in front had reduced up to 50%.

The patient was very happy because his other complaint of constipation was also cured.

He is still continuing the treatment with Life Force for further improvement.


Thus, homeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within. During treatment new complaints may appear which are common phenomena, but they are easily controlled by medicines. Undoubtedly, homeopathy is the medicine of future.

- Written by Dr. Manasi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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