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3 Years Old Recurrent Cough & Cold Relieved In A Few Months By Homeopathy at Life Force

A 7-years-old young male child, Boy K.S.K. (PIN- 30431) visited the Life Force’s clinic for the first time on 26th Nov 2016 with complaint of frequent cold. He was suffering from frequent cold since three years. In every change of weather, he used to suffer from the symptoms, such as watery discharge from nose, nose block only at night, redness in eye, & swelling over the eyes. Fever, dry cough, & pain in ear were also seen at the time of episode. He was taking allopathic treatment SOS since 3 years.

There was a marked desire for sweets observed in the patient. He liked lady fingers a lot. He didn’t like sour foods. His thirst & sweat were average. His bowel movement, urine, and sleep were normal. Mostly, he saw ghosts in his dreams.

Peculiar mental traits observed were that he was very shy in nature & very calm. He didn’t mix with other children easily. He had the fear of heights, animal, & water. His grasping power was good. He was moody. He used to get angry if anybody contradicted his demands.

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In his family, his father had ankylosing spondylitis. His mother had arthritis. His brother also had frequent cough complaint. His Grand-mother (M) had GIT complaint. His Grand-father (P) died due to heart disease; he had diabetes and hypertension also. His Grand-mother (P) had anaemia.

Based on these features, he was prescribed researched based medicine for his complaints. 

After 2 months, at the time of follow-up on 10th January 2017, his complaint was 70% controlled. All symptoms had improved. Patient had not suffered from any episode of cough and cold in the last two months.

After two months on 6th April 2017, when he gave his follow-up, his condition was under control. He had suffered from cough & cold two times in the last 2 months, but this time all his symptoms were very mild. His general condition had improved a lot. 

On his next follow-up on 12th June 2017, his mother reported about his condition. He experienced more than 90% improvement. And, no episode was observed in the last 2 months. His mother was very happy with the results.


This case shows that frequent cough and cold can be effectively controlled with homeopathic medicines. It improves the condition by restoring the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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